Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s A Mad Mad World!

I just couldn’t wait to show all of you these pics. of my grandson. 

They’re having an event at T-Man’s school called “War, Peace, and All That Jazz.”  This event includes a five page essay and a costume contest.  Your costume can be either a real or fictional character from a certain time period.

After much costume consideration…..

Meet the Mad Hatter!

mad hatter7

mad hatter8

Heather put her heart and soul into this costume, I’ll tell ‘ya!  It started with four hours of thrift shopping to find the perfect clothes.  I wouldn’t have thought a pair of plaid men’s pants and a ‘70’s style corduroy jacket still existed ANYWHERE!  But she found ‘em!

mad hatter2

She painted the detailing on the pants.

mad hatter1

The original Mad Hatter had gray hair.  She couldn’t find an orange wig (a la Johnny Depp), so they went with the old style.  The hat was perfect, and only $10.00 at a local costume shop.

mad hatter5

mad hatter6

She made every single hat pin and all of the other detailing.

mad hatter3

The gold detailing on the vest was sponged on. And the lace was sewn on the sleeves of the jacket.

mad hatter4

She found the mini spools of thread at Michaels and strung them with jute string.

She and T-Man spent lots of time researching every little detail of this costume and all I can say is………….


Heather, you did an absolutely amazing job!  Good luck to T-Man tomorrow. 



  1. I wanted to stop by and say "hello", and then I was really "wowed" by this fantastic costume. I just love all the details! Wish your grandson best of luck! With such a spectacular costume, his performance is sure to be out of this world!!

  2. I am SO impressed! Heather did an amazing job with this costume! Love it! I'm thinking once T-man is done with this costume it might look awfully cute on a mannequin at the rink! Sure would be a conversation piece!

  3. Well, about all I can say is Wow, too! Heather did a great job pulling this together and he looks great! Maybe they'll get lucky and he can get Halloween out of it, too. : )

  4. What a fabulous outfit she has put together!! The details are all perfect ~ SUCH creativity!!


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