Sunday, April 3, 2011

Round Top-Part 1

We’re back!  And what a trip it was.  WOW!  This was the first time for all of us to the Round Top, Warrenton Antique Fair and it was quite an adventure.

Ms. R., Heather, and I had FUN FUN FUN!!

We knew that this show was huge, but you just can’t imagine it until you really really see it.  Just to (kind of) put it into perspective…….if the antique show were the hay stack, what we saw was about the size of a needle. 

It’s hot, blowing dust, and lots of gravel, but if you’re willing to walk and walk……that one great treasure is there….somewhere……amidst more “stuff” than I’ve ever seen in one place.

Day 1……………..

We loved this booth!  Somewhere I have this sweet ladies card and will have to post her location later.  I know that she is in Texas somewhere.

Her displays were among the cutest that we saw the whole show. 

Loved that fern on top of the old bird bath stand.


Not to brag about all of you bloggers out there……..but I seriously think that all of you set the trends.  All of the things that I see and love on my favorite blogs were the hot hot trends of this show.

Was that a gorgeous piece of what!?

Ms. R. hit the jack pot here for goodies in her master bedroom that we are decorating.

I intended to take tons and tons of pics. but to tell you the truth, it’s so overwhelming that you just get too caught up in everything.

Next up…… 2!

The industrial look and some of the great “junk” piles that we shopped!



  1. You lucky girl you! I would love to go to Round top. I can just imagine how spectacular it is. I love the table, the settings and the fabric on the seats! Ooh.


  2. Glad we found each other too! i'm your newest follower! xoxo, Tracie

  3. Great pictures for what you did manage to take, Denise! I love just about every single thing in that first picture from the chair seat fabric to the chargers under the dishes {are they silver trays?}! I'm sure this was a bit overwhelming. Sometimes when I find just a store with lots of things, I do a regular walk through and then have to go through again a little bit slower just to really see everything. I'm sure I would be the one lagging behind everyone if I ever went to this!

  4. Oh Denise I am sooooo envious, the adventure of a life time, can't wait for more pictures and to see all that you bought!!! I am hanging on every post!


  5. Hi Denise,

    One day I hope to make it out there! I've read all about's on 43 acres!! And I did see where they rent golf carts too..that's the only way I'd be able to do it with my bad feet. That white bed and the cabinet that goes with it is to die for! I'll watch for the next update.

    Stephanie ♥

  6. Nothin' better than Round Top show photos. They're addictive! Glad you had a great time!!

  7. Hi Denise, no doubt you had a fabulous time at Round Top! Lots of inspiration to be found. I can understand that it would be so overwhelming, you get so caught up in the moment that your camera is long forgotten.

    Your room makeover is lovely. I see you are busy with your trusty glue gun. I love the look of gallery walls, especially with a pop of color on one wall. Gorgeous!

    Congrats on your new partner who can bring a fresh perspective to the mix. Have a great week. Tammy

  8. Oh I am just beyond a totally green shade! I would love to attend this event.

  9. Eeeeeeeeeek! How wonderful you got to see all this eye candy! I would have to drive a big truck down and haul a HUGE trailer behind it for my treasures! Can't wait to see more!


  10. Hello, wish I had known you were coming to Texas. I was at Zapp Hall and don't know if you made it to this show or even if you stopped by it, it seems like a blur, it just flew by. The lady's booth that you liked was she at the La Bahia show? If so that was Linda Gregory's booth and she owns a shop. Looks like you found some great treasures.


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