Thursday, April 7, 2011

Round Top-Part 3

We actually headed home a day early.  We had reached capacity in our trailer.  In fact…..we were afraid we would have to leave something behind.

But…….where there’s a will, there’s a way!

One horse trailer and a lot of determination.

round top 029 

The trailer’s full.  No problem!  We’ll just put the 10 foot farm table and the three others ON TOP.

round top 028

Yep, I know.  Then the guys that we bought most of it from NAILED all of the tables together and tied them down.  CRAZY!

round top 035

round top 031

Even the car was full.

And nothing moved even an inch the whole way home.

But we did have about a foot of space at the very back.  We couldn’t let all of that space go unused.

round top 034

We stopped in Dallas too buy plants.  Oh….that Jasmine smells so sweet!

round top 036

Here’s some of our purchases.

round top 038

round top 039

round top 040

round top 041

round top 042

round top 043 round top 044

Work work work!   I don’t know if these girls are killing me or keeping me young!

We’re off tomorrow to tag and display as much as we can. 


Oh..oh.  One foot note!  Poppies At Play is having a fun home tour.  Stop by and see all of the beautiful homes on the tour.  FUN!


  1. OMG, you crazy girls!!! Now you have a lot of work ahead of you!!! What a fun trip! Thanks for taking us along!


  2. Well, I would say that you girls certainly meant business! Yikes! How long was the drive home? Lots of fun stuff to play with. I am thinking that it is definitly keeping you young as you look great and are always up to something fun. Have a wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  3. Great haul!! You will transform those pieces into true treasure, I'm sure :)

  4. Wow, you did great, Denise! I love those metal chairs and, is that a dresser in the back without drawers? Love that, too. I'd say you did very well and I'm so excited to see what you and your daughter do to these pieces.

  5. Great stuff! Even though it was hard work, it must have been fun - love the old suitcases!

  6. I would have hacked up a lung to have been there with you girls!!! Eeeeeeeeek!

    I am going to an art event in Dallas in June and they have a trip planned for us to go to Canton...I hope it's just as good as Round Top!


  7. Looks like you girls made a haul!!!!!!! YIKES did your hubby pass out when you pulled in the driveway? We were there for 6 days. FUN but, I'm tired. Still trying to recover. The weather was freaky wasn't it? HOT... Cold... damp... you name it... mother nature did it except snow. Charlene


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