Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At The Lake-Home Tour Part 2

Today on our home tour, we’re moving to the living area.  Again, this is a gorgeous room with windows on one side of the room looking out over the lake.


This elephant bench sits against the windows and our intent is to fill it with colorful pillows that can be thrown on the floor when the family is watching a movie.  You can see that we still have a ways to go.  I think we need to hit T.J. Maxx tomorrow.  Hopefully they’ll have what we’re looking for.  The more colorful pillow, the “C” pillow and the French script pillows all came from Garden Ridge.


We love the old box that Karen found and filled with magazines and her T.V. controllers.

So…..up next is probably our FAVORITE thing that we found for the house.  It came from The Rink and we felt it  really reflected the fun spirit of a lake house.

So here he is……..


Our kitschy deer painting.  He was painted on felt in 1980.  The painting was signed by the artist and presented as a gift to someone.  We LOVED him.  Only one thing……the mantel is huge and he…well…..isn’t!

Twigs to the rescue!


We still need to gather more twigs for our red basket and we are also going to add twigs to the basket on the left.  Then, I love the candle holder underneath, it just need to be looonger!  So we’re looking for one of those.  Which of course, means we probably won’t be able to find one any place, any where! Smile

Pan right on the mantel………..


The mantel juts out like this because the T.V. is mounted below.  Up the stairs in the back ground is a media room.

We loved Karen’s botanical themed lamp and her big green plate and pretty much left them right where she had them. 


Isn’t the giant jar fun?  We filled it with eggs, balls of string, and bird related items for summer.  I would love to see it filled with mini pumpkins and fall leaves.  Or how about Epsom salts and mini trees for Christmas?  The horn to the right carries the deer theme through the entire mantel.


the sea shell and the turtle reflect a bit more of the outdoors.


In the hallway to the bedrooms we moved Karen’s lamps on either side of a tennis ball basket filled with misc. items and a pic. of her grandson. We moved her cute bed and breakfast sign just above the basket.   We would like to find a basket to go underneath the table but it’s very narrow and we haven’t found the right one yet.


Oh…..and that potpourri container isn’t part of the décor.  Hey, we girls need our scents you know! Smile  All vintage items that we used are from The Rink.

Hope you enjoyed part two of our tour.  More later!



  1. I did enjoy the tour! Love your huge mantle!! I would spend months on a mantle like that. I would have whole scenes up there! Ha!!
    Yours is fabulous! Love the giant jar and the lamp.

  2. Coming along nicely, Denise! I like the green being tied in on the mantel. Those lamps on the table are gorgeous ~ great color on the shades.

  3. Denise I love, love, love what you and Heather are doing here in the lake house!!!! What a fun experience this must be for you guys!
    hugs from here...


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