Monday, June 6, 2011


Heather and I have been working hard but also having a wonderful time decorating a lake house here in Oklahoma.  This has been a different experience for us.  We’re used to being able to run to where ever and pick up a few things if we forget them.  Not so here!  We’re a couple of hours from OKC and at least 45 minutes from any shopping so if you forget something…..oops!

Karen, our homeowner requested that we accessorize her lake home, adding some color but at the same time keeping it simple.   The lake is about relaxing, not cleaning!


I’ll start today with our FAVORITE room…..the Sleeping Porch!

This is such a fun filled room!  The grandkids bedroom.


The entire room is bead board.  Painted white with a light glaze.  Beautiful!  the opposite wall is all windows, looking out over the lake.   The quilts on the beds are vintage and were made by Karen’s grandmother.  Sorry, the pillow cases were in the wash.  (Oops)  I thought the beds needed just a touch of something more and saw these cute pillows on Grandin Road.


Karen ordered the frog for her grandson’s bed, and the lady bug for her granddaughter’s bed.  The pillow cases are red, and I think these cute pillows will finish the beds perfectly!

Heather and I both loved this large black shelf that Karen had salvaged from a remodel job.


It’s quite large and hung high enough to keep certain things out of reach of little Munchkin hands!  Despite this, it looks perfectly in proportion with the room.  Karen had purchases two vintage ladders to use on the sleeping porch but couldn’t decide how to display them.  Heather suggested hanging them on either side of the wall shelf.  They are hung with L brackets so that they extend out from the wall.  Karen is going to hang the rest of her vintage quilt collection on them.  Won’t that be cute?!




Owl pictures – Pier One


Vintage wood truck – The Rink


The old rusty tackle box is one of our Round Top finds.  I filled it with things that I found around the kids room.  Again, everything is high enough so that little hands can’t reach them.  We certainly wouldn’t want them to get ahold of that old rusty box!  I finished off the shelf with things that we had purchased from The Rink and other things that I had gathered from around the house. 


We’re about 90percent done with this room.  Heather is painting a table to hold the CUTEST log cabin doll house!  More pics. of that and the quilts after they’re hung next week.  That’s it for today.  Enjoy the eye candy!  I wish I could sleep in this room at night!



  1. I love what you have done with this room and those sweet pillows are the perfect touch!


  2. To cute! Is heather going to do any of her neat eclectic paint technique on anything in the kids room? It sure looks like a fun project!


  3. Fabulous!!! I love all the details......gorgeous! I am excited to see the doll house too!
    Margaret B


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