Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drop leaf table and chalk paint

I have been painting everything that I can think of with my quart of Paris Grey chalk paint!

Heather and I have been painting furniture for about ten years and I have to give this new paint an A+ excellent rating. 

I had painted my Mother’s drop leaf table in my favorite cream.  Unfortunately, I apparently had a can of defective  polycrylic top coat and the table top looked terrible.  Chalk paint to the rescue! 

One coat.  Then easy distressing with a sponge sanding block.  Right over the old top coat.  This paint really does go over any finish.

I just let the sanded dust gather and then wiped it off with damp paper towels when I was through.

It would be best to let this paint cure for 48 to 72 hours.  I am, however, always impatient!  It dries to the touch FAST and then I was ready to wax.   The key here, especially if your paint hasn’t cured fully, is a light touch when applying the wax.  Don’t try to rub too hard or you will loose some of your paint.  Of course, for those of you who love the shabby chic look as much as Heather and I, this is not such a bad thing.  It just adds to the overall patina.


I used Bri Wax because it is what I had on hand.  I use it on my farm table to protect it.  Let your wax dry  for approximately 2 hours (depending on the weather) and then buff for a pretty shine.   I haven’t tried a darker wax yet for a glaze, but will. 

I just finished painting this chair.

One coat, about 20 minutes, DONE!   I went over a dark color and this would usually have taken at least two coats.  Just the time saved is worth the extra cost to me.  Even on pieces that we are selling.

This is also the paint that I used on my mantel mirror.

And the BEST BEST thing………it sticks to brass!!!  Good bye brass bed!  The first chance that I get!  Yoohoo!!


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  1. So where do I purchase chalk paint?? I have a zillion things I'm sure I can paint with it. Hugs Marilou

  2. Beautiful! Everyone is using chalk paint. I must get some. . . Thanks for sharing. Karie

  3. Love the table! I've got to get some of that fabulous paint!

  4. Wow Denise! You are always up to something over there. The makeover on the lake house is great. I love seeing how other people live. :) This is the third day of my summer vacation and so far all I've done is veg. I have so many makeovers and painting projects I would like to gt to. All in good time I guess. I downloaded Google Chrome because of the problems with blogger and all seems to be working -- except for some reason can't edit in html mode. ??? Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  5. Absolutely divine! I adore your styling and that sublime grey looks perfectly shabby (in the best way of course)!!!!! Warmest wishes for a happy Friday - Glenda

  6. Chalk paint sticks to brass?? Wowzers! That is so cool!
    Love the table and chair by the way. Gorgeous

  7. I just love how your Mom's table turned out. The Paris Grey is very pretty. I am going to have to break down and buy chalk paint.


  8. It's beautiful, Denise! I just did my rescued dresser in the Old White. I'm waiting on the dark wax to come and I'm going to do that over the clear. I have been thinking of trying one of the grey's next. I can attest to it covering many different materials. I've got my very detailed headboard up next!

  9. Lovely...such a soft romantic color. I have a drop leaf table that I am going to start to work on this weekend...and i might try wax for the first time, too - any tips?

  10. This is my first time to your is just wonderful! I will definitely be back. Love the post about the chalk paint. . I have never tried that type of paint, but it is going on my list of things to use in my next project.

  11. I'm sooo going to try this paint! All you gals are raving about it so I figure it about time!

    LOVE YOUR BLOGGIE girlfriend~


  12. mamma needs some chalk paint! Where do I buy it?

  13. Oh, that paint sticks to brass? The possibilities are endless. Love the Paris gray on that table! Very nice redo. Thanks for linking that up to Home Sweet Home!

  14. That just looks so gorgeous and I can't wait to join the Chalk Paint fan club myself! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  15. Thanks for sharing this with the summer kick off paint blog party. So much fun to use chalk paint.

  16. I love the table, but I really love the details on that chair. Very, very nice.....thanks for sharing your projects with us.

  17. I love this- it is absolutely beautiful and your vignette is so pretty too! I'll stop over and check out your new blog! Thanks for sharing at my party! :)

  18. so happy to have found your sure to stop by and say HI..:)


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