Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New drop cloth slips!

I came to a compromise on the sofa situation. 

I ended up making the ottoman slip cover.  The two seat cushions.  And the two back cushions.  I have one more back cushion to make so I pulled the toile pillow off of my bed for now.  I am slipped OUT!  The rest of the sofa is  a store bought slipcover.  I’ll tell you what, you get what you pay for.  I paid $50.00 for the slipcover on OverStock, and pretty much got what I paid for.  It’s a piece of junk!  Thus the linen throw on the left corner.  To kind of disguise as much of it as I can.  I suppose I’ll eventually finish the entire slipcover in drop cloth. Sigh……  Any delusion I had about making slipcovers for other people, definitely ended with this project.  A LOT of work…….


I also bought a new lamp shade for my floor lamp.

And found a new lamp for the top of my chest.  the color of which is a lot prettier than it looks here.

Other past drop cloth projects……..

My chair and ottoman


Guest room bench



And my dining chairs.

Yes!  I DO love me some drop cloth fabric. 

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Denise,

    You do beautiful work.

    Sewing is not as easy as it looks I've been finding out.


  2. That drop cloth stuff is the best ! I like it too . Your slip covers are great !

  3. Love it girly...LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!

    I want the couch at Pottery Barn with the slip cover. $1,600. OUCH! I'd redo my own couch but don't like the style. POO! :(

    Wanna trade?


  4. I love everything you made. Just beautiful.

  5. Your couch looks really good. i like the cording work. Slipcovers are a lot of work but so worth it when they last year after year, and come out so fresh with a wash. Love the dining chairs also those ruffles are just adorable.

  6. You sure make drop cloth look beautiful! I can barely sew a button. I can't imagine the work that goes into all of that. Looks great! Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  7. I have yet to tackle making a drop cloth slipcover!! Like you said...A lot of work!!!
    Yours' is turning out amazing!! Love the dining room chairs!! Wowzers!

  8. Ah....those pretty chairs...I do love them so!!!

    Your tenacity amazes me...to even attempt this!
    Looks fantastic so far, though!

  9. I love your dining chair slips, Denise! I can imagine how much work it is ~ probably why I haven't tried this myself! I just know what I'm getting myself into so I save myself the aggravation and either have it made or buy it. I would try the dining slips though. That's a great pillow on your sofa; I love the ruffle and toile you used.

  10. My couch looks horrid so this is the route I am going to go too! This looks great Denise!

    Hope you will have a wonderful week!


  11. No wonder you are tired...you've made a lot of slipcovers...and they are all beautiful. I happen to love the ruffled throw, so perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that you wanted to cover that part!

    I've sewn a lot of home dec, and it is stressful hard work. However, it's the only way I have been able to afford having anything with quality. You've done a fabulous job!

  12. These are great, Denise. I'm still loving those dining room chairs! So cute!

  13. Hello there!

    Take a break from the slipping, but do come back...you can do it!

    Your ottoman is lovely and I really like the dining room chairs.

    Happy to have stumbled onto you.

    Janet xox

  14. Looks fab! I bet you r slip covered out!


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