Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Hot Mama!

If you’re wondering what happened to me……which I am SURE is high on your list of things to worry about :)……My air conditioner upstairs went out which is where my sewing area is. 

For someone who feels like a displaced Polar Bear on a good day, I now also have the grouchy attitude of one!  It’s going to be next week before they can replace the unit and between the thought of having to live my entire life downstairs, the EXTREME STICKER SHOCK, and the fact that the temps. are headed toward the mid-90’s…….I have not been a happy camper. 

So sewing is on hold for now.

I did manage to paint the mirror above my little mini mantel downstairs and rearrange things a bit.

It looks so cool and serene……

Love the painted and distressed look on my mirror.

I threw in a couple of silk flowers just to “Spring” every thing up a bit.

My little angel shows up well now.

This mantel pretty much represents some of my fav. things right now.  Blues, greys, milk glass, and mercury glass. 

Other than that…..I’ve noticed that blogger is still acting all wonky lately.  What’s up with that?  One day last week, everyone’s followers were all gone, and now I hear that people are still having trouble leaving comments?  Crazy!


How do you write your posts?  If you haven’t downloaded Window Live Writer you should try it!  It works SO SO much better than blogger and is super cool!  And it’s free!  You can even edit your pics. and watermark them.  Much easier and less stressful!  Now I’m off to see if I can post this to both blogs.  HA!  It’s just one adventure after another around here! :)


Wow…..I even have a little happy face with the new Live Writer version!  Whoopee!



  1. The mirror looks great, Denise! I love the color! I know about the AC blues. We have 3 different zones for our central AC {garage, main house, addition}. The main house was not working properly all Memorial Day weekend and of course, that's when it decided to get hot and humid. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen where that AC did work, then set up fans to draw it into the rest of the house. We are finally cool now though!

  2. love your quirky (and I mean that in a positive way) maybe unique would be a better word vignettes. I love them so much, I think maybe we need a house tour. :)

  3. Your mantel looks great, love the mirror !
    I've been trying to download Windows live Writer , I got all the essentials stuff , but nowhere do I see writer in my programs , am I missing something ?

  4. Never mind Denise , I found it finally ! Duh !
    Sharon's Wannabe Cottage

  5. Love your mantle vignette! And the color is fabulous!!
    I (knock on wood) haven't had the plaguing troubles with Blogger that other have had. So good!!
    But some have had trouble leaving comments on my blog or getting it to load!! Sigh!

  6. Denise I think if I was to ever see your home in person, I would come straight home and redo everything in my own. I love everything you do and I love the fact you actually get in and do it too. Me, I think about it and never seem to get around to it. I love your beautiful mirror.
    I also want to thank you for your dear words at my place. they were a gift.
    sending hugs...


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