Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Ideas!

How have you been?!  We are STILL working on that silly house.  Trying to get it ready to sale.  Getting closer and closer though.  We were very optimistic that we would not have to replace any carpet but…..looks like we’re going to have to.  Oh well……

In the meantime…..I received my new Ballard Catalog in the mail yesterday!  A fun distraction from all of the work!  I am loving lots of things they’re showing this go round.  And saw some fab. DIY ideas!

Such as these pretty drapery panels.


Theirs are burlap with a gorgeous white crewel embroidery design and are lined.  They’re also pricey.  Starting at $179.00 per panel.  But… easy would it be to make your own for a fraction of the price!   Burlap is cheap cheap at around $3.00 a yard.  Then purchase a medallion stencil and paint your design on.  Line if you wish and you have a beautiful panel.  Since I am soooo into turquoise, I could also see this pattern in a robins egg blue.  YUMMY!

I LOVED LOVED this dining table!


The top is zinc.  Which I have been in love with for awhile.  Theirs is $800.00!  YIKES!  I think you could make one for a fraction of the price.  The legs look a lot like fence posts and the rest of the design is very clean lined and simple.  A little white paint and distressing, buy a sheet of zinc and form over  a plywood top and….. voila!

In Ballard’s new catalog, they show the table above with these fab. wicker chairs.


The texture of that table with the wicker… die for!  Okay, so you can’t knock these off, but maybe with all of the money you would be saving on the table……

They are however, $299.00 each.  Plus shipping.  I do so adore them though!

I also saw this plaque.  Another easy peasy DIY idea!


If you can’t find a round tray, old cabinet doors are perfect for recreating distressed signs.

  Just a few thoughts. 

Heather and I always have these crazy DIY ideas swirling through our heads.  Which does NOT mean that they ever get done! Smile 

Have a happy week!



  1. The first time I saw burlap used as fabric treatment in the home was in a Ballard's catalog several years ago. At that time...I thought why not? I made curtains and a round tablecloth just because they made it look fabulous. Talk about trendsetting...they are always ahead of the curve. You got me now watching the mailbox for my latest catalog!

  2. Love that table. I need to reup my Ballard catalog subscription! Those curtains would be so simple! Of course not embroidered, haha. But who is going to look that closely? Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hey, Denise! I know what you mean. There's always some idea floating around in my head. Your take on this is like mine which is why I rarely buy something I think I can make. But, like you, that doesn't mean I make it! :)
    I need to renew my Ballards catalog too!

  4. You do have great ideas and like me just can't get them all done .

    I set at work and write myself notes on my great ideas and never get to them because I can't stay home long enough to do them after I buy all the projects needed items Oh well

  5. Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas.

    Cassy from Electric Bass Guitar


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