Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wee Gardens

Heather and I have been enjoying ourselves with Pinterest.  Have you tried it?  It’s addictive, I have to admit.  And a great place to basically archive photos and ideas that you love. 

Which is where I found wonderful photos of these tiny gardens.   A tiny fairy garden is something that I have wanted to create for years.  Thank goodness I didn’t choose this year to finally make my wish come true.  The heat would have surely fried everything!

wee garden2

Just collecting the tiny furnishings and goodies looks like so much fun.

wee garden3

Many of the gardens are planted in larger containers.

wee garden4

I have visions of actually planting an entire garden.  Complete with paths where you can wander and find something wonderful and amazing around the next corner.

wee garden5gif

wee garden6gif

Maybe next year!

You can find all of the above photos and other great info. for creating your own garden HERE.



  1. Hi Denise,

    I love all the fairy gardens...I signed up for Pinterest but haven't taken the time to get hooked on it yet. :0) I've started a new blog to focus on my crochet and sewing. I don't think you know about it. I'd love to have you come over and follow since this is my primary blog for posting. I'm using my Queen of Dreamsz blog for uploading my vintage pattern collection.

    Stephanie ♥

  2. Wow! Those are fabulous and fascinating!

  3. I noticed those this year myself, Denise! I think I'd like to try one {or two} in a pot setting. The furniture and accessories they have for these little gardens are so cute. I think these are a great idea for those with small spaces or who don't have time to care for a larger garden. Since we are downsizing to a condo, this would be perfect for me to try!

  4. OMG, these are adorable, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Wouldn't that be fun to create! That in itself could become an obsession Denise. But a great one.
    Haven't caught the Pin bug yet, but I probably will when Winter comes.
    Sending hugs...

  6. I've had that site saved for a couple of years now and it's a constant source of inspiration. Glad you posted it.


  7. I haven't tried this yet but will give it a whirl!!

    Hope you and Heather are having a wonderful Sunday!



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