Friday, November 4, 2011

Cold weather cozy!

When cold weather approaches, I tend to gravitate more and more toward cozy homey rooms.  I found one of my all time favorites on Better Home and Gardens web site this week.


I am totally in love!  White upholstery, chocolate brown walls, and the perfect touches of color.

Here’s another shot.


So I thought, hummmm…….what would it take to REALLY recreate this room?  So lets say we’re starting with an unlimited budget.  Might as well, since I can MAYBE afford a couple yards of fabric and not much else!   HAHA

I think I’ll just order some burlap drapes from Ballard's……


Then……how about a couple of chairs, also from Ballard's


Perfect!  Of course we’ll have to repaint and reupholster, but what the heck!  We do have that unlimited budget!

And that Kilim rug……YUMMY!


That’s pretty close.  And it’s ONLY $2200.00!  So if we don’t love it….no biggie.  Maybe the dog can sleep on it!  HA

The white chair and sofa…Ikea, of course.  We’ll just pick up a chair and loveseat/chaise



Oh oh….we’ll probably order the ottoman too, even though we’re going to reupholster it  with that yummy Hounds Tooth fabric.

How are we doing so far?

LOVE the mirrors on either side of the window.   But I may want an antiqued gold frame on mine, so I think I’ll shop around town for those.  They do look perfect though, don’t you think?  The way that they reflect light with the dark walls.

We’ll paint our favorite drop leaf table with chalk paint, Paris Gray.  And order this lamp from Restoration Hardware.


Love that Zinc base, how about you?  I think it retails for around $300.00.

The coffee table is just cute as can be with those little French style legs.  We’ll shop the local antique malls for the perfect one and then paint it our favorite turquoise.

Same with the chandie.  We might even pretend to be thrifty and paint an old brass chandelier.

The only hounds tooth fabric that I could find was this one.


Love the texture, but it’s not a dark enough chocolate.  And we DO need the perfect color so that we can have our paint color matched.  I think the Damask and the Hounds Tooth must have come from the same fabric group.  I REALLY did search and search for them.  If anyone out there has seen them, let me know.  I seriously would love a yard or two of each.

Accessories…..I can work on those later.   Right now I’m just exhausted from all of this hard  work shopping!

I can see changing those burnt orange pillows to maybe red at Christmas and hot pink for Spring/Summer.  How about you?

I had great fun shopping with all of you girls this evening!  Have a happy weekend.



  1. What a beautiful room....but far too brave (and expensive ;p) for my taste...I see that white fabric and my smile turns upside down...I just need to add that kind of stress to my life...haha!

    I have white tile floors and countertops in my kitchen....I'll be literally throwing the used swiffer sheet in the trash, and the floor is dirty again when I turn around!

    Love those walls, though...I could do that!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!

    We painted our bedroom walls a color called "Cowboy Boots"...a deep chocolate brown with crisp white trim and it looks amazing with all my light furniture!

    Happy Weekend Sweetie!

  3. Where are the dogs, kids, and husband for that room?? lol! It is a beautiful room! I love how everything goes together but is not matchy matchy. It has a comfortable but very sophisticated look!

  4. LOVEly room - fun dream-shopping too!

  5. Love the purple walls!!...m waiting to move (in 8 months) to be able to paint my walls again....

    Lovely images! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Loved the fantasy shopping spree! The fabric on those chairs is utterly fantastic. The room really is so warm and cozy. Enjoyed the post!

  7. I think shopping with you Denise is sure easy on my feet. Plus I love having you for my shopping companion. Great room and great post my friend!!!


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