Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is scary, two posts in one week! 

Heather dropped by yesterday with her fancy smancy new camera (meee jealous?)  and took some great shots around my house.  No more fuzzy, grainy pics.!

020 copy

Is there anything scarier than a glittered skeleton!? HA

021 copy

The bride and groom

023 copy

024 copy

In the living room.

033 copy

The pups were supposed to get party hats.  I never took the time to make them.

015 copy

They were so disappointed!

027 copy

Now isn’t that the scariest face EVER? 

029 copy

030 copy

Fierce bears, just waiting to pounce.

032 copy

Touches here and there.

031 copy

This is a spooky corner.  I had to crop out all of the paint cans in the corner.   OOPS!

026 copy

And Miss A says…..”what’s the big deal?  You eat… sleep….you take care of other business….then you start all over again.  Life’s a breeze…..EVERY day of the year!”

Have a Happy Halloween!


Joining Debra at Common Ground for her Friday party!  You can find the direct link to her wonderful blog on my bottom side bar.


  1. Love the nice clear pics. That is what we need to be able to see all your fabulous displays up close and pretty like that. Your dog and cat are just precious.

  2. Great pictures! What type of camera does your friend have--I'm looking for a new one. Love the suitcases with the santos on top.

  3. Love the pictures, your cat and dog are so sweet looking.
    I love the diamond shapes on the wall and your vintage suitcases are lovely, i also have 3.
    Nice weekend,

  4. Hi Denise... I popped over from Debra's party at Common Ground... wow, what a fabulous collection you have, I love it all!... I see your Miss Molly is a Harley Chick!... so is my sweet Princess Tessy as my hubby rides a Harley too (sometimes I go too!)... and Miss A is adorable!... Hope you have a bewitching Halloween!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Wow! I think you might be going to have a Halloween party at your house? FUN decorations!!!

    I loved the comment you left over at my blog... I'm still laughing over "Am I supposed to e-mail back in response to their e-mail which was in response to my comment on their

    EXactly. :)

    Have yourself a great Fri & weekend!

  6. What fun displays... Love the old bird cage & the tower of suitcases~ Thanks for sharing, Happy Halloween!

  7. Hi Denise,

    I love all of your fun displays. I know what you mean about the two posts in one week. I've been away more than I'd like....drop by when you have a chance.

    Love and Hugs,
    Steph ♥

  8. I'm sure with all the great festive decorations your Halloween was a good one.
    I know all about the paint cans.....had them out for months. I'm giving them a break for a little while.



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