Monday, April 23, 2012

At The Warehouse

Yep….it’s true!  We now have a warehouse facility!  What a relief for Heather, Ms. R, and myself.  We can finally move our mess out of our homes and on to someplace where we can be organized and just as messy as we please.


There’s our sign going up.  Courtesy of our guys.


Hand painted by my Miss Heather , of course!


We are hoping to get at least a little bit of stock built up…..

The table above……SOLD


This dresser……SOLD



This vintage buffet is still available.  Maybe destined for The Rink?  Not my cup of tea with all of the color.  But the girls here in Oklahoma LOVE love their bright colors!


Cute side table with hand painted flower.  Still available.  We’re barely staying ahead of the game.  What a GREAT problem to have!


And…..we always have a first class guard dog on duty.  This “aint” no second class operation, ya know! Smile


Can’t wait to show you what’s happening in our cute little office area.  This is an ongoing project, making this place our own.  It was previously a wrecker service so the black grease is everywhere.   And not so easy to rid ourselves of.

Have a happy week!



  1. Congrats on the move and having bigger space to play!
    I love that little side cute!!

  2. Congratulations on your new space. I'm so happy to hear you'll have plenty of room to get creative. Gorgeous things created by Heather as usual.

  3. That's wonderful, Denise! Congratulations! I was thinking the other day that if I ever did do a booth I would need some type of storage place, because we just don't have the room here in the new place that I had at our old house. So that we be another expense to add to the list of what it would cost to have a booth! The sign is gorgeous ~ Heather did a great job on it.

  4. Yay! I'm happy for you!! I know you must be sooo excited!! Congrats!!!

  5. Congratulations! These pieces are so stunning! What an exciting adventure, poor guard dog, he looks like you have worked him to death ;c) Best of luck in your new business!

  6. Your wonderful products deserve to be stored in a wonderful storage area. You guys are very fortunate to have finally found a nice warehouse. And hey, those items look as good as new, and as if they were the same with the high-class furniture in the market. I won’t be surprised if, one day, your items are all sold out! =)


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