Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kickin’ It At The Warehouse!

I have been a terrible blogger lately. 

This would be why……..


Some sold, some not, some custom.

I could have sworn this place was huge! 

There is more space back to the left, but it’s full too.  So here’s the progression of work…..Ms. R. searches out the furniture and coordinates picking it up.  I (try) to help base coat.  I organize, sort and otherwise try to find space for furniture hardware, paint, etc. when I’m not doing that.  Heather…..well she’s the true artist.  She does all of the pattern.

I don’t like bright colors and lots of pattern.  What do I know!  This stuff is selling like CRAZY.

Okay…..I admit it’s super super cute.  We did a little impromptu outdoor photo shoot this morning.  If you can call taking pics. with your cell phone a photo shoot!

hohi copy

The sofa, we’re keeping.  We painted the frame a soft blue.  The fabric on the body is in excellent shape.  I’ll probably recover the cushions. The end table is custom for a customer.  I LOVE the French style coffee table with the more modern Chevron pattern.  It sold today shortly after making its debut on Facebook.  That’s a pretty sorry attempt to blur out the warehouse next door on the mirror in the back ground.





Projects overflowing outside.



Great shape on this coffee table.


We have a pair of these just finished up.  This is NOT stenciled.   Heather hand paints everything. 


Poppies on turquoise coffee table.


Those are dining tables on either side.  Round pedestals are hard to find.  Ms. R. has a crazy scary knack for finding this stuff.

nm ,n,


Quatrefoil, damask, Chevron, floral……all going strong and are GREAT sellers for us!

Today I started moving all of my sewing “stuff” to the warehouse.  FINALLY what I have always wanted!  My very own studio!  So I ‘m taking…..okay, I was given…..the office area!  And the best thing as summer proceeds…….it’s air conditioned……!!!!! 

It has been in the 90’s the last couple of days…..heat and metal building…..not a good combo.  I’m just hoping that I can sweat off some weight.  Smile

Highs this next week in the 70’s.  YIPPEE.

From the girls at the warehouse…..

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  We’re super excited here.  Big news coming soon.

Ooh…ooh……I almost forgot!  Next paint workshop……May 19th.  I haven’t even had time to post it at the top of the blog.  Wouldn’t you just looove to learn some of our techniques???  Our workshops are a great success.  We have had people repeat a second time every class.  I’d say that means they’re having a great time and learning tons.  Wouldn’t you?



  1. Heather's work is so gorgeous. I love that sofa! I'd want to keep it too! Very exciting that you'll have your own studio to do your thing in too. You girls are having fun...aren't you?

  2. Love the furniture pieces. Gorgeous
    Space looks fabulous. And congrats on the new studio area!!

  3. Such beautiful pieces, Denise! I love all the tables and the different designs.


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