Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home Again! In The Living Room

Seems like I’ve been gone forever!  The sale last weekend was a ton of work but well worth the effort.  Thank you so much to everyone who got up SOOOO early to attend!

But now it’s time to get back to work at home.  As women who love to decorate, are we ever finished with our homes? 

In fact, our own Ms. R. is the Queen of change!  She’s always editing her look.  This recently worked to my advantage in a big way.  A chair which she had only recently acquired was ready for a new home.  MY home!

I’ve loved this beautiful flocked damask for some time.  Sadly, by the time I decided I just HAD to have it, the fabric was discontinued. I bought this gorgeous vintage chair from Ms. R. and I am one happy girl!


Even the woodwork is perfection.  I am so excited.  Of course this started a flurry of redecorating. 


I centered my Chevron patterned chest on the wall and stacked my vintage trunk and wicker.

I finally painted the twig desk top A.S. Paris Gray

This cute owl from T.J. Maxx decided he wanted to roost in the living room

Other décor.


This milk glass cake stand was my mother’s day present. Love love it!

Lots more to come in later posts!

Have a lovely weekend



  1. Hi, Denise! So glad the sale was a success. I knew it would be. Wish I could have come by. LOVE that chair! That fabric is a favorite of mine too. Why do they always seem to discontinue the good styles way too soon?

  2. Great chair! I was just looking at those wicker pickle jars online. Where did you get your's? And what is the chevron painted piece in the photo?

  3. Great chair!I love the fabric too~ Enjoy!!

  4. Neat stuff! I would love to see that Chevron printed chest, I'm really into that print right now and I'm with Anne, love the owl.


  5. I love the chair and all the rest you are showing, but specially looooove the cake stand and the owl.

  6. I love milk glass!!! I just started collecting it a while ago and am obsessed with it :)


  7. I love all these beautiful country things. Tink


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