Monday, July 2, 2012

Love her or not?

I love……well…… unusual “stuff.”  Little quirky accessories that a lot of people would never consider.  But you’ll all understand, I know.  Bloggers are a savvy lot.  Even if it’s not so much “you”, you just get it!

For instance, this guy.

My little chalk ware bear……with saddle!  I love that guy.  He is proudly displayed in my dining room hutch.

And my Santos.  I have five.  Heather HATES my Santos.  She calls them creepy crash dummies.

Now how can you NOT love that?  Complete with glittered crown wand.

Or my articulated hand.

Holding a rhinestone bee for summer.  Accessories vary according to the season or holiday.

So when I saw THIS cute piece this weekend at  show, I HAD to have her!

I’ve never seen anything like her.  She’s huge, about 16” tall.  AND she’s chalk ware.  It was love at first sight.  Again, Heather was speechless,  she’s not fond of my new find at all.  And my husband, he gave up a long long time ago.  He just shakes his head and goes with the flow.

Her back.  Love the bow and the flowers.

I bought the white paper parasol at the same show.  She’s now sitting on my coffee table.  Right next to the caged ostrich egg and the ceramic bird!  HA

I added the vintage flower bouquet.  The little flowers are the perfect color.  She has a small hole in her right hand.  I would bet she was probably an incense holder?  Maybe in a restaurant or as a shop display. 
Any way….I’m a happy girl!  I think my new find needs a name.  She just has so much personality.

By the way…..if you are in the OKC area and you missed the Junk Hippie show this weekend, you missed a good one.  It was just one day and one building at the Fair Grounds, but the vendors were well chosen.  NOT an over flow of pricey clothing and jewelry.  NO mass produced product.  Handmade and vintage only.

  A special thank you to everyone who shopped with Heather.  She had a wonderful show.

Happy 4th of July week!



  1. Do you get that quizzical look and the "Really??", Denise? I do sometimes and I just say "to each his own". I love your Santos, but I could see Heather's thinking. I think they have serene faces. Glad the sale was successful. Hope you are keeping cool your way! Happy 4th!

  2. Denise I like her too cause she's a unique piece. Not something you see everyday. Enjoy your new find.

  3. I love her...I would have snapped her up in a heart beat!!!!

  4. No need to explain a bear with a saddle to me...I like the unusual that makes me look twice and smile. Love the last little statue. I had one similar and had never seen one like her either. Yours is adorable.

  5. Denise,
    are they going to have the Junk Hippie sale again?

  6. She is quite cute. So unusual. Love the bear and the santos too. I have a nun doll collection in my studio and my daughter hates them. She says they scare her. She was tidying up there last night and found one in a box I hadn't put on my shelf. She made me come upstairs to move it because she wouldn't pick it up. I totally "get it".


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