Thursday, August 9, 2012

A few new finds

Back in the dining room!  Take one last look!  This room is getting ready to undergo a big change.  The walls will be much lighter and the hutch will be getting new paint.  I also have plans for seating around the farm table.
I thought briefly about getting rid of the hutch, but I have too much fun rearranging several  times a year!
vaca 2012 229
vaca 2012 230
That yuk yellowy color has got to go.  I will be keeping my creams and browns though.  In fact, I’ve added a few new finds from vacation.
vaca 2012 236
Had to have this little guy.  He’s a tea diffuser.
vaca 2012 231
I found these CUTE candles at Twice Touched in Red Lodge, Mt.  Just love them!  Real wax on the outside.
vaca 2012 232
But they run on batteries.  Great for Christmas but I couldn’t wait THAT long! Smile
vaca 2012 235
Picked up the cute majolica looking owl a month or so ago at The Rink.
vaca 2012 234
Quite a random  collection, isn’t it?
vaca 2012 237
And last but not least… my kitchen window…..I have been wanting one of these FOREVER.
vaca 2012 244
I’ve passed up I don’t know how many of these little kitchen scales.  They were either too expensive or in terrible shape.  I found this Hanson scale  in Cody, WY. for a STEAL!   At least half of what I would have paid for it here.   And don’t you love the little red shelf?  Again, the little egg basket came from Twice Touched in Red Lodge.  Hadn’t even found the scale yet when I purchased it.  And it turned out to be the perfect size! 
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. This is beautiful! Had to visit and take a peak!

  2. How exciting, Denise! I'll look forward to seeing that. I'm glad you are keeping the hutch; you've got it decorated so nicely.

  3. Aww. I just love that little owl tea defuser. So cute. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Nice finds Denise! I have a little scale in my kitchen. I thought it was quite unique, and this week my son came home with a friend from the camp he works at, and this friend told me that his mom has the exact same scale in her kitchen, lol. So much for my unique little scale. I love it though. Enjoy your weekend. I'm glad to be back in blog land :)

  5. so glad you didn't get rid of that great hutch. I know it will be gorgeous with paint! excited to see your new space, so much fun doing an update!


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