Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Color Of The Week

Heather and I use a LOT of paint.  Between everything we paint to sell, workshops, and our own homes it really adds up.  And choosing NEW colors can be a daunting task.  At least for me.  Heather seems to have the knack for picking the perfect color.

Anywho……I thought it might be nice to start sharing our favorite color picks.  If we can save our blogger friends a little time and money… much the  better.

This weeks pick…….

EARTH DAY-------Pacific Paint.  Available at Munger paint if you are in the OKC area.


This is the BEST green we have ever used, hands down.  Not too lime, not too grass green.  Perfect.  A nice soft color.  We always always purchase an egg shell finish. colorofthewk3

Here’s a little school chair that I started painting today. A work in progress.

  It’s going to Heather next for Chevron pattern and a #1.  Since it’s one of a set of 4.Smile

So try “Earth Day” if you’re looking for a pretty green for some of your fall projects!

Have a Happy rest of the week!


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