Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Very Merry Mantel

How is your Holiday decorating going?  Mine…..crawling along at a very slow pace.  Apparently, we picked the wrong time of year to have some semi-major construction going on.  Who knew, huh? Smile

Anywho……my house is a major mess with Christmas décor thrown right in the middle.  I finished my mantel just a little while ago.  I’m not spending any money this year on new décor (famous last words) so I am trying to be very creative.


Like painting an urn red and throwing some faux paper whites in it.


Combining some of my milk glass with existing greenery.


My poor chalk ware Santa ended up stuffed in an apothecary jar.  He needs some snow now that I look at him.  I’ll have to get some Epsom salts.   It makes the BEST snow.  Have you ever used it? 


I ordered this sign waaay back in July from Antique Farmhouse.  I love it, but I’ve really been struggling with finding the perfect place for it.  I do like it with the black reindeer though!

And…..because this fireplace façade is soooo tall, I HAD to have something hanging on the wall.  What to do…..what to do….?  I finally pulled out a framed poster that I have.  It has great colors for fall and Halloween, not so much for Christmas though.  I used the frame as my canvas and one of my coffee sacks.

And I came up with this.


Yes….I know my tree is a little crooked.  I should have used fusible interfacing, ironed it on, and then stitched it on.  But I didn’t have any and it would have required hair, makeup, and putting on clothes that normal people wear for the trip to the fabric store.  And I’m in  hurry!  So we’ll just call this one “whimsical” too! 

Anywho…..I just sewed it on a coffee sack and then glued the paper flower petals on top.  Because I may want to use this frame again for something else, I used good old duct tape to secure the entire project to the back of the frame.



Ho Ho Ho!!  I wish it would at least get cold enough to snow!

See Ya! 



  1. I like the Santa in the jar. Too cute. :)


  2. Love your mantle....and snow?? No way!!!


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