Monday, January 7, 2013

Mantels 101!

I have a confession to make.  I’m a mantel moron!  I have the HARDEST time restyling my mantels.  Especially the mantel in my upstairs den.  Part due to the fact that the rock wall peaks at about 18’ so if I don’t go up up up, everything looks dwarfed, and the rest due to the fact that the mantel is a good six feet wide so there’s a lot to decorate.  And, well, I just suck at it.  I admit it!

So…..enter my main source of inspiration, other than blogs.  Pinterest.  It’s no surprise that when you search “mantels” tons and tons of inspiration come up.  I was so confused, I finally decided to pin the photos to my mantel board with the greatest number of pins. 

Keeping in mind that many of these are holiday themed, there is still a lot inspiration to be found.


I REALLY love the tall vintage window.  But around here, if I found one it would cost a fortune.  This mantel had 156 repin and is my favorite!


Can’t beat the awesome vintage gate.  With 205 repins.  Again, pricey.  Not to mention heavy. Being a very symmetrical person, almost to the point of being anal about it, I loved the urns on either end.


this mantel, not so symmetrical, but the twigs on one end, and the candle holders on the other give it a symmetrical feel.  With 248 repins.


This mantel had 364 repins.  It would drive me nuts!  I’d move the mirror in the middle and have the entire arrangement messed up in no time.


I guess you can’t miss with a mirror.  Especially if you hang a wreath over it for the holidays.  The first picture had 174 repins and the second 327 repins.

And here is the winner by a HUGE margin!


1618 repins!  I like it, but I don’t love it that much. 

So I was inspired.  I was gonna DO this thing and keep at it until I got it right. 

Two hours……lots of sweat and swearing….(I’m not proud of myself)…….and a broken piece of milk glass…..which prompted more swearing…..(again, not proud) and I finally had it!

There she is.  BIG empty frame in middle may or may not get a print.  I would love something botanical.  Other than that, and the fact that the apothecary jar needs something, I actually love it!  I may NEVER change it.  EVER.  Holidays or not!  I would really like to hang pallet wood vertically above the mantel over that ugly rock .  I’ll have to talk to Hubby.  Hope he doesn’t have a fit.  Each new idea seems to throw the guy a little closer towards the edge.

Should I repaint the mantel?  It’s vintage tin ceiling tile.  I had it custom made for this space but a color change may be in order.   What do you think?

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Great inspiration pictures, Denise! I love that old window in the first picture. You did great with yours. I think a lot of people feel they can't get their mantels "just so". In my case, I think it is too much overthinking. I think it would look great painted ~ maybe an off white with some dark wax or glaze?

  2. I find the smaller the mantle, the harder it is to get it just so. I had a huge space to showcase and merchandise at our old apartment....and a tiny wee little mantle here that frustrates me to no end....haha!

    I see your dilema with that rock peeking out. You sure have an eye for combining objects and colors, though :)

  3. Love the color combination and frames on yours. I am forever changing and moving things on my mantel. It just never seems "just right." As soon as I think it is perfect I turn around and change again. Thanks for all of the inspiration!


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