Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine Garland

What to do…..what to do….when you’re laying around feeling under the weather?  Practice your pompom making skills, of course!  So I tried the fork method.  The wrapping it around a plastic container lid method.  The wrapping it around your hand method.  The rectangle cardboard method.  They were all okay, but required a lot of trimming to get them in shape.  And apparently I was never intended to be a barber.  A few of mine were a little scary!  Even AFTER their hair cut!  Finally, I resorted to Google and found the ROUND double cardboard method.  You can see the tutorial HERE.  By far the best, easiest, and fastest method that I tried. 

So anywho……..I had a lot of pompoms.   Valentine Garland Time!

HAD to have hearts.

Cut out paper with my favorite craft scissors.

Cut out red felt hearts. 

Take both to the sewing machine.


Use a contrasting thread and set your stitch length a little longer.  You want the stitching to show.

Hummmm……I wonder how another layer would look?


Don’t worry about being perfect.  Imperfection is part of the perfection that is whimsical!  HUH?? 



I tied my pompoms to a long piece of white yarn and finished off the ends with seam binding.  I poked a hole through the red yarn of my little hearts and used red and white twine to attach them to the garland.  I made tons of hearts thinking that I wanted them between every pompom but only ended up using three of them.  Looks like my little downstairs mantel will be getting a heart garland!


Finally, I tacked the garland to my FAVORITE new burlap covered cork board.  Well, sorta new.  I bought it last fall.


I love it.  Along with all of my old photos.

My corkboard is made from the front of an old crackled, distressed cabinet.  It’s at the top of my stairs and I am really enjoying it.




A fun Valentine garland!  Or baby shower, or Easter, or whatever!

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Have a happy week!



  1. Super cute garland! Love that cork board too! Love the haphazard way your sewed the hearts.

  2. My gosh Denise...this is so pretty!!!!!!! I love it!!!! Now I hope you get to feeling better too!
    hugs from here...

  3. I sure do love your garland...so full and richly done!

  4. Ra Ra for the pompoms they look really cute. The last time I made some I wasn't very happy with it but I was using fabric so I'll try yarn instead.

  5. I love it!! I'm a big fan of pompoms and yours look great using raspberry and white for your garland. The little fabric hearts you made are the perfect addition too. I use the cardboard method to make my pompoms, but they do require a lot of trimming as you said. May have to look at your method instead. I like how you added your garland to the bulleting board too. That's a great place to add something fun like that.

  6. LoVe the Pom-Pom VaLenTine Heart Garland!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt


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