Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grit and Glam

One of my favorite websites is BH&G.  They’re probably one of my main sources of inspiration and pins to my pinterest account.  I receive their e-mails and almost always find myself inspired!

For instance, there is a decorating trend that I’ve been spotting over and over that I really love.  Taking the traditional and mixing it with color and a few quirky elements here and there.  I think it’s a great fresh look and can be fairly inexpensive to achieve. 

BH&G is calling it Grit and Glam.  You can read their get the look article HERE

Some of my favs. were

These cute round velvet pillows from Urban Outfitters. They come in a ton of yummy colors and add a pop of vintage meets modern to a room.  Heather has two of  them in Turquoise.  Don’t know why I haven’t ordered any yet.


Shown in charcoal gray.

Okay… I said CAN BE affordable.  I could die for this gorgeous chandelier from Horchow.  And I would die too, if I ordered it for this price!


At $4000.00 I’m pretty sure Hubby would kill me!   But ooohhhh…….be still my heart.

And what is it about damask anything?  Especially damask wallpaper.  In this wonderful hot pink color it’s both traditional and funky.


From Urban Outfitters.  $78.00 a roll.  I’m sure you could find something locally for much less.

One thing that I do NOT like that is coming back in style, is brass.  YUK!  Remember polishing all of that stuff back in the day?

This tray is good looking though.


Very modern/mid-century with the mirror and that wonderful pattern around the edges.

And gee…..ONLY $394.00.  Again, I’m sure you could find something similar locally for a lot less.

And I just had had to throw in Chevron.  I really like it.  But would I really want to invest in drapes or an expensive piece?  I don’t know.  Some patterns, like the damask for instance, I have loved forever.  Only time will tell I guess.


Drapery panels from Crate & Barrel $89.95 each.  I can’t help but love them. 

Can you see all of this mixed in the same room?  I can.  I love the look.  More pictures and suggestions at the link above.

Have a happy week!



  1. Hi Denise,
    I think that the new trends give a room what I call a Bohemian look or gypsy look! LOL! Anyway, I love it! I'm with you on the brass, I don't like it either.


  2. I like refined elements mixed with rustic - so "grit and glam" is for me! :)
    Have a happy one,


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