Thursday, February 21, 2013

Granny Chic!

Have you heard that design term?  I love it!  It really sums up the style so well.

granny chic5

Like granny squares.  Okay….I have to admit, I LOVE the granny square throws.  So colorful and kitschy!

granny chic

Remember these?  I think everyone’s Grandma had a few in their closet.

Granny Chic is retro, and kitschy, and cute, and cozy.


It’s collected and crocheted and embroidered.


With a touch of mid-century mixed in.

It’s a fun weekend at flea markets and estate sales digging and searching for that perfect thing you’re lacking.

granny chic7

Who could pass up any of these kitchen goodies!

granny chic9

Or these crocheted hot pads and pillows.

It’s ALL part of the look!



granny chic3

OMG!  Do you think there’s anything under that throw/top? 

But ooohhh……..ooohhh…….

granny chic4

Oh yeah!  I’m ordering this ENTIRE outfit!  meowwww…….  I mean, this is soooo me!  HAHA

All images from our Granny Chic pinterest board!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. omg you are so right...a few weeks ago I got a new appliance delivered...Mr. Deliveryman asked if I lived with my Grandma...I didn't have a comeback for him! ha I guess my little house does look like Granny lives here...but that's ok with me :) I didn't know it was a "style" I just thought it was stuff I liked and feel good in. ;)

  2. I haven't really heard of Granny Chic, but I totally see the eclectic, colorful appeal. At this point, I feel like EVERYTHING under the sun is "in". We're living in an Anything Goes world in terms of fashion, decorating and style. That can be good, yet bad - as evidenced by the cat outfit. Yikes!!


  3. Granny chic huh? A new term for me...and so cute
    Love the multicolored sofa! So cool


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