Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY No Sew NEST Banner! Tutorial

The sweet little template that I found via Pinterest and talked about in THIS post, inspired me to create a little something to brighten up my dining room!

This NEST banner!


The entire project was so easy, I thought I would share it with all of you!

Here’s your supply list……..

Scissors, iron,


Black sharpie pen, seam gauge or ruler.

20130225_145132 copy

20130225_145712 copy

Oh my gosh!  I just realized I have the linen pieces  described in FEET!  Obviously, this is incorrect!

Cut the above fabrics as described.   You can retrieve the pattern for the eggs from the post that I linked to above.  And a huge thank you to Nana Company for supplying the template for all of us to use!  There is also a link within the above mentioned  post that will lead you to her blog.  Such cute cute projects! Okay, onward ho!…….

You will also need Wonder Under by Pellon which is a white double sided interfacing.  About 1 yard.

And lastly…….


Assorted ribbons and twine of your choice.


Cut all pieces of fabric in sets of 4 as described above.

Take your four pieces of 2”x2” fabric (I used scrap drop cloth) and stencil on the letters N….E….S….T using your stencil set and your Sharpie.

Cut pieces of Wonder Under in sets of 4.

4 pcs. for the pink burlap

4 pcs. for the light weight cotton print eggs.

4 pcs. for  the N.E.S.T. stenciled letters.

Read the instructions that come with the Wonder Under and iron your piece of Wonder Under on the back of your pink burlap, egg print, and stenciled letter for each banner piece.

Before you begin to assemble your pieces as instructed below, use your seam gauge to line everything up correctly and pin in place one layer at a time.  Iron each layer on separately, then pin and iron the next one on top of the layer under it.  In other words, don’t try ironing it on all at once.  The heat won’t penetrate enough to activate the interfacing.

Now, as per the instructions on the Wonder Under, iron the pink burlap to the back linen piece, iron the egg print on top of the pink burlap, iron the letter on top of the egg.  Don’t worry about the letter being stenciled with the Sharpie, it will iron just fine!  I was worried that the ink would smear, but NOPE!  No problem!

Now assemble your N….E….S….T on your twine.  Ideally, I would have had grommets to use on each banner piece, BUT……I couldn’t find mine!  GRRrrrr!  And I was too stubborn to buy new ones when I had some uuhhh….somewhere.  So I just poked holes through the linen and strung the twine through those holes.  I tied seam binding and a couple of other twines on either end to give it a little extra frou frou!

After all of your layers are assembled with the interfacing, your banner pieces will be nice and stiff so that they won’t curl!

And here is my banner in my dining room!


F.Y.I the pink burlap came from Hancock Fabrics.  They had just gotten it in, and the color is perfect!

I love the way it looks with my little pink eggs from Target!

Just think of the possibilities with this project!  All Holidays, birthdays, kids rooms!  Have Fun!

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  1. Very pretty, Denise! I love it! LOL ~ could you imagine a 6 foot by 8 foot banner. : )

  2. Oh...I love it! That is the prettiest easter banner I've seen. Love that pink burlap.

  3. That turned out so cute! I like the word you chose.


  4. This is so pretty and your vignette is fantastic! Great tutorial!

  5. Hi Denise,
    Love this cute banner and that pink burlap is just perfect!


  6. I'm the only blogger in the world that has never made a banner...Yours is adorable!! We used to have a John Hancock in Orlando, but it closed...I love pink! Thank you again for putting the dress form ball on your side banner


  7. Hi Denise,

    Just found your blog through another, as you do! I'm loving it, I'm officially a follower! I am amazed at this banner, thanks so much for sharing! I AM thinking about the possibilities! I'm thinking St. Patrick's Day first maybe!
    Be back soon...

    Sweet Auburn Life.

  8. P.S. Your dresser looks soooo cute all dressed up for Easter!


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