Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We can use a few extra lights today.  No sunshine here, it’s snowing like crazy.  I believe this is the first good snow we’ve had this winter.  It looks so pretty in the park behind our house.   I do however, feel for any of you who have to drive in this mess. 

Today, I’m at home after a long and busy weekend, trying to get back to blogging.

I finally got the lights in my tiny master bath up.  After a long dilemma over how I should hang them, I finally used hooks and just plugged them in.


I thought it would be fun to use the industrial looking cage lights with my otherwise frilly décor in my bathroom.  I never want anything to look too serious!  The lights I choose were perfect.  They were inexpensive and were made to either hard wire or plug in.  As you can see, I choose the latter.


Sorry about the glare!  The only way that I could get a decent shot was if I turned the lighting on.  It’s like a tiny little cave in my bathroom today.  I made cord covers from the cutest gray and white polka dot fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Then hubby installed a light switch in the plug outlet so that I can still just turn them on and off. 


I’ve been working on this tiny bath for some time now.  Getting rid of things that haven’t been used in years and even found a spot for this little chair.  I had absolutely no place for it but I just hated to get rid of it.   Hubby bought it for me years ago for Valentines Day.

Speaking of which, I made this little heart shaped pompom wreath to hang over the mirror.


I suppose that should probably say LOVE, but I already had the BELIEVE printed out so I used it instead.  I intend to leave it up indefinitely, so I guess that will work just fine.


And now, with extra lighting, I have a perfect place for the day’s makeup.


And I love my Lavender scented hand soap on the opposite side of the sink.


I’m actually happy with the way this turned out.  I would never have considered the cord covers if I hadn’t been forced into this compromise situation.  But ended up really liking the pop of texture and color.  The little wreath was an after thought to add another touch of gray.

What’s fun about this bathroom, is it’s ALL MINE!  Hubby has his own bathroom so this one stays neat, clean, and pretty!

Have a fun week.



  1. Oh...love your bathroom! Those lights are great. Love the covers too. I didn't make it to Affair of the Heart...ended up having to work. So I had to give my tickets to someone else. Darn it. I miss out on the good stuff. I hope you had a successful weekend.

  2. Those lights are just adorable. Love the pompom wreath too. Was it hard to make?

  3. How fun to have your own bathroom with no man germs LOL! Love the cord covers and the chair is perfect! You asked and yes, if you would like I would love for you to put the dress form ball button on your side bar, so glad you are coming to the ball!!


  4. Those fixtures are so you! They look wonderful there - you did a great job.



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