Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Crazy, Colorful, Kitschy Family Room!

Blogs and Pinterest are responsible for driving me crazy!!  Because I LOVE it all.  I find almost every decorating style inspiring in some way.   Which makes decorating a challenge.   Because I WANT it all.  So many gorgeous homes and great decorating styles to choose from!

But we each have to stay true to ourselves, don’t we?  And go with what is easiest for us to live with.  Defining my style?  Not so easy!  Part hippie chick, vintage, country, and just plain old me!


I love my vintage Galaxy fan.  It works GREAT and we use it whenever the weather requires.  And flip flops…..those are a daily wardrobe requirement!


This crazy vintage sign hangs on the wall as you come up the stairs.  Now lets make it quite clear……on MY Chinchilla ranch…….the critters give up their fur and then are given little hand knitted sweaters to wear until it all grows back.  Hey, it’s my fantasy! 


Finding a piece of furniture to sit the television on was quite an ordeal.  We have one place where it can go and a very specific size requirement.  Finally, Heather found this cute piece and it was PERFECT!


I painted it Earth Day Green.


This little table is really what started today’s  post.  I moved it to the family room just earlier today.  I needed a larger table for this spot and thought I would have to search for one.  This was in the closet the entire time!  DUH…..  It’s a great little vintage sewing table.  It folds up and if you look closely, you can see the ruler running across the front. 


Perfect.  I was even able to slide my basket of throws underneath.


Another vintage fan.  And they all work!  The Robin’s Egg blue table is one of those pieces I will never get rid of.  It’s seen a lot of use and has been painted more times than I can count.


Sometimes “making do” turns out to be the exact thing that you needed.  Like this wall!  I just gathered leftovers that were not being used and added some bright paint colors to some of the frames.  


I added bright colored pillows and a vintage quilt to the sofa……


And it’s soooo me!


This is a difficult room to decorate.  I’m standing in the master bedroom door taking this shot.  As you can see, this is a loft area that looks out over second story windows.  I have tall tall ceilings that peak at about 15 feet.


An entire area is taken up by this ginormous fireplace wall.  With that little tiny wall to the right where the television sits.


Lets see…..this house was designed in the 70’s……so I’m thinking an architect high on acid must have had something to do with it.  I mean, who in their right mind puts the closet with the heat and air equipment right at the top of the stairs!   And I can’t block it off because of the vent below.   Any ideas??  Suggestions welcome!


That was my Mom’s quirky folk artsy clock.  Why not hang a vintage processional banner right next to it!  This is the room where anything goes!  This looks like a lot of “stuff”  but this area is very open and airy so when you see it as a whole, everything flows and looks very uncluttered.

And that’s our family room!  Hope you’re having a happy weekend!



  1. LOVE your eclectic look! So many unique, vintage items that mix so well together~~~LOVE the Unusual and the quirky! A true one of a kind style~~~My hubby collects those rounded fans,he has three! They all work great too! I love your robins egg blue table and the green piece you have your t.v. on made me smile, because I have a piece similar to that (size and style) and my t.v. is on it!! I guess GREAT MINDS work the same! LOL! Have a wonderful week! Roxie

  2. This looks like a really comfortable room to hang out in, Denise. For that closet, why not do something to the door since it's there anyway. Maybe paint it in chalkboard paint so it looks like a framed chalkboard or make it a memo board. There's gotta be something on Pinterest! : )

  3. Hi, Denise! I'm like you. I like so many different styles that it makes it sooo very hard to reign it in sometimes. Adorable space here! I love the idea of the fireplace in this landing/family room. Very cool!

  4. Love love your family room! And the fans are wonderful...our vintage one quit...need to get it repaired. Miss it
    As for the utility about chalkboard paint with a calendar decal on it?
    That would be cool

  5. Oh I love all of your fun and quirky decor! As for the closet with the utilities, have you seen what kristi at A2D did with her door and vent? she gives an entire tutorial on how she fixed her eyesore utility closet and vent. Worth a peek...
    Have a great week, Pam

  6. About your ginormous fireplace wall...I like the painted rock. If I showed you a picture of what I have to look at you would faint. It is fake rock behind a HIDEOUS wood burning stove that has a HUGE pipe that juts into the FAKE rock. It was the THING that hubby promised would GO AWAY if I agreed to buy this house. Yep, five years later and unmoved. I will have to say that it heats the house wonderfully but still I hate it.
    Anyway, as always I love your house and your things and thank you for sharing. Hope to see you next month at your Barn sale. Someday I want to join in the fun!
    Kelly the Bunderosa Queen of KatydidsKountryLife!


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