Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweet Treats!

It’s time to start thinking about cooking and baking for the Easter Holiday! 

Here’s a funny fact!  We (Heather and I) have pinned 1085 recipes on our Pinterest board called “Yummy” and 91 recipes on our Pinterest board called “Sweet Treats.”

Although Heather has tried out quite a few of the recipes, I have tried a great big whoppin’ ZERO!  Not a single one!  I REALLY don’t like to cook.

I DO LOVE to bake.  But I have a major sugar addiction.  No, really.  MAJOR.  I’m diabetic and I crave sugar like a cocaine addict.  But oh the delicious recipes.

I may have to try a recipe or two this Spring.  And then send the majority of it away…..home….with someone else.

apple snickerdoodle cobbler

Apple snickerdoodle cobbler!  Oh my goodness!  How delicious does this sound.

Or how about……

cherry cheese cake cookies

Yep, you read it right.  Cherry Cheesecake Cookies!  And the color is so pretty.  Perfect for Easter or maybe a birthday party.

lemon burst cookies

Lemon Burst Cookies

Now here is a recipe that Heather has tried.  If I remember correctly, there are only two ingredients.  Cool whip and lemon cake mix.   Then you sprinkle with powdered sugar.   Not too sweet.  These were delicious!  And great with a cup of coffee!

pink lemonade pound cake

Pink Lemonade Pound Cake!  How beautiful would this look on your Easter table?   Maybe decorated with some sweet pansies around the bottom. 

snickers salad

Snickers Salad!

Apparently I am really missing out on something amazing here.  The taste of the tart apples with candy.  And how pretty for Easter to tie your parfait glass with little pink ribbons!

sugar cookie dough

Easy and pretty!  Bake sugar cookies for little cups and fill with fresh fruit.  I think Heather is going to use this one next weekend for a baby shower.  I love this idea and you could top with a little bit of whipped cream and a sprig of mint.

These are just a few of the recipes that I thought would be delish for Spring!  You can find all of the recipes on Pinterest under our “Sweet Treats” board.  Except for the last one, which is pretty self explanatory. 

So there are just a few recipes to contemplate!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. Wow, those all look great! I love the cookie cups!! I have pinned a ton of recipes too, and tried exactly 2 LOL!


  2. Lemon, cheesecake...sigh. I am drooling!!
    I will have to give these all a try


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