Friday, April 19, 2013

Party Food Ideas

As I mentioned, my grandson’s 15th birthday is fast approaching.  When you ask what he want’s to do, you get the typical teenage response.  Either “nothin” or “I don’t care.”  Boy is he setting himself up for some possibly girly food.

All pictures and the recipes may be found on our Pinterest boards Yummy or Sweet Treats

For instance…….


This is a great idea.  Brownies stacked like a cake.  I guess I could leave off the flowers and butterflies.  Aren’t they cute though?

beehive cupcakes

Beehive cupcakes


This guy is seriously cute.  Gnome cupcakes.  Looks like the poor guy lost a foot.


Cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes


Carrot garden cupcakes.  

raddish eyeballs

This is TOTALLY boy!  Radish eyeballs!  How gross do those look!  I didn’t read the post these link to but you must freeze them and put them in drinks.  Too funny!


Aahhh……totally girly!  An owl cake.  I could never really make that, but it is gorgeous.


Owl cupcakes.  that looks doable.

trix crispies

Trix crispies.  I can’t stand trix, but these are sure colorful and pretty.

diy icecreamcones

Maybe I should decorate the dining room with these DIY pastel colored ice cream cones.  HEHE… that would get him!

ladybug appetizers

Now these lady bug appetizers are just darn cute! 


As are these rocket dogs. Gotta do this for the fourth!


Red velvet cake balls.  Just because I’ve been wanting to try making cake balls.



Heather and I finally made the cookie cups with fresh fruit for a baby shower.  O…..M…..G…..!!  These are SO delicious.   She also made the old standby cream cheese and powdered sugar fruit dip.  Filled the bottom of each cup with that and then the fresh fruit.  We made the cups the night before and Heather filled them last thing at the shower so they wouldn’t get soggy.  They were a huge hit.  You can find my original post HERE

So what’s it gonna be?  Ten more days!



  1. So many great ideas, but I am guessing the eyeballs would be the biggest hit!


  2. That gnome is the best. Post pics of the party.


  3. I like the stacked brownies and the Gnome cupcake! How cute is that?;) Wonderful party ideas. June is a month filled with lots to celebrate. We have FIVE birthdays coming up!

    Have a nice weekend!


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  5. 15 th birthday already! Feels like I have watched him grow up from afar. The great part of the blog world. What a bunch of fabulous party ideas. I want to make the Trix crispies myself. So cute.
    I did get your email message and thanks. Yes you were right and we can chat about it. I am doing great and consider myself lucky but sharing experiences always helps.
    Take care and have fun with the party!
    Hugs, Pam


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