Monday, July 22, 2013

In The Living Room

Trying a little post this morning.  If this computer locks up, I REALLY don’t want to have too big of a post going!

I’ve been looking for new curtain panels for the living room.  The chocolate brown burnt out velvet were looking worn and old.  And not in a good way!  I found these panels at Tuesday Morning!  Only $30.00 a pair!


I stayed with a neutral color.  This way they’ll match what ever I may decide to do later.

I was able to save the ruffles from the bottom of my brown panels.




I just cut them off and added them to the bottom of the new panels.

For the top…..since these panels are stationary, I tied burlap garland through the grommets and just nailed the panels to the wall.  I’m not a huge fan of panels with grommets, on the other hand I didn’t want to spend any more time OR money altering the top of the panels.


The only problem……Tuesday Morning only had two pair of panels.  I actually needed five panels.  So I improvised with the middle window.


And created THIS.  I used the frame that was previously in my dining room being used as a chalk board.  I took the chalk board insert out and stored it for later use and glued this remnant of fabric inside of the frame.  Because it was centered between two windows, I backed it with a heavy duty fabric so the light wouldn’t shine through and ruin the over all effect.



Terrible pictures.  So sorry about that.  I’ll see if I can’t take some better shots to show later.

This project turned out even better than I had imagined!  I just nailed my “faux” bird cage and the little picture above it directly through the fabric and into the wall.


To the left of my little desk, I brought my Ikea chair out of the sewing room.  I bought new slips last weekend when we were in Houston.  $29.00!  You just can’t beat their prices!


Being obsessed with pillows like I am, I threw this burlap coffee sack pillow on the chair.  It looks great next to the Paris basket under the desk.  (Shown above)

That’s it today.  Now I’ll cross my fingers and hope this publishes!


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  1. I seriously love your curtains and the panels on the bottom. I need those in my life.



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