Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finally! I got it “right”

You would think that it would be EASY to find the perfect pillows for a white sofa.  Not for me!  I think I must have gone into full blown overly conservative Mom mode or something because I just couldn’t seem to get it right!

I started with the Chevron pillows.  They matched everything perfectly.  Too perfectly!  With my Chevron painted piece of furniture, it looked like the living room was being over run with zigzags!  Then I added the pillow in the middle.  Perfect shape, but so blah……   And on…..and on…..and on….

FINALLY I found the perfect combination!

I was making a patchwork shower curtain.  I came to my senses about two rows into sewing it and realized only a crazy person would spend what was beginning to seem like the better portion of their LIFE making a shower curtain.  So I stopped.  Neatly folded what I had made, and tucked it away.  One day in desperation, I pulled out my patchwork piece and decided it just MIGHT make cute pillows. 

Then……when Heather and I were in Houston, we went to Home Goods.  And may I say…..why Oklahoma doesn’t have one is beyond me!  It’s the BEST!

Anywho…….I found this pillow.


It was love at first sight!  Great price.  Perfect shape.  Down filled.  SCORE!

And…..this new blue… beautiful.  Well, at least Heather and I think so!  It goes with everything!


A cobalt blue and the lighter is a bit of a periwinkle.

It reminds me of the old antique flow blue pieces.


Here is the one and only piece that I happen to own.


This was my mother’s and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

Here’s another example of flow blue.  I WISH I owned this one!

flow blue platter


See my Chevron chest in the background.  Yep…..just too much.  But I’m happy now.  The patchwork pillows added just the right amount of texture and color.


Maybe this will keep the dog off of the sofa.  Now that it’s covered with pillows.  Nah….who am I kidding!  She’ll just knock them off in the floor!


Love it with my other newest piece, too! 

Heather is in the middle of a MAJOR MAJOR bedroom remodel!  Can’t WAIT to share it with everyone when she is finished!

Bye for now!


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