Friday, August 30, 2013

Are You Ready For Fall? Here’s a tiny bit of inspiration for you!

Are you ready for fall and cooler weather.  I sure am.  The temperature gauge on the West side of my house read 103 degrees the last time I looked today.  It’s miserable here! 

Earlier this afternoon, I was cruising through Tumblr seeking inspiration for a blog post.  When I found the CUTEST Tumblr blog and I just had to share with all of you!

THE WITCHS SPICE CABINET.  If you LOVE fall and Halloween you have got got to click on the link above and give her a visit.  Her entire blog is dedicated to Fall And Halloween!  Here are a few images that I reblogged.  All of the original sources are there for you to refer back to if you wish.  Me, I’m just thrilled to find so much inspiration in one place.


I think I could have an entire room done in black, orange, and cream.  Aren’t these cupcakes the cutest!?


Witches Hats.




For a cold autumn evening?


Spooky but cute.


I don’t know about pumpkin lemonade, but the bottles sure are cute!


How darn cute is this!?


I’m not normally a huge wreath fan, but this is really a fun one.


Trevor and I are HUGE Walking Dead fans.  I think I may have to recreate this!


How cute!  Now how did they do that?

Go check out all of the “cuteness overload!”  While you’re there, somewhere on her blog will be a long list.  The title in purple and the list in lime green, of tons of blogs that are dedicated to Fall and Halloween.  Better sit down with a cold drink and prepare to spend awhile at the computer!

As for me, I have a can of black spray paint and I’m off to experiment on my kitties.  “here kitty kitty kitty”………



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  1. Run kitties, run!
    Oh I adore all things Halloween. Thanks for sharing. This year, as I am working in a shop that rents and sells costumes and vintage clothing I may not like it as much. Our Halloween hours start the first week of October, 7 days a week, 11 hours a day. My coworkers tell me they don't dress or decorate for Halloween because by the first weekend in November, when things start to calm down they have had enough. I may have to decorate in September!
    Of course right now I can't imagine too much Halloween. Thank you for sharing this link!


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