Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In The Entry

Well…..this is a lack luster post at best.  Heather had surgery on Monday and is still in the Hospital.  She had a revision of a previous surgery and repairs of adhesions, etc. We had hoped that they could do the surgery by laparoscope , but no such luck.  Now they’re having problems keeping some of her levels stable.  BUT… true Heather fashion, she texted me this afternoon to remind me that I needed to blog!  So here I am!  With some less than lovely photos.

My entry is in need of a huge overhaul.  Heather had a cute piece of furniture that she wasn’t using any longer, and I inherited it.  It fit my entry perfectly!

my entry1

In fact, it fits better than any piece I’ve ever had in my entry!

I just have an entry “space.”  And this area under the stairs.  Surprisingly enough, this piece fit just right.  I typically have a long narrow piece against the left wall.  How to position this one was a bit of a dilemma.  The side are equally as detailed as the front  and so cute!  In the end, convenience won out.  Opening the drawers is so much easier than when they are facing wall to wall.


Here are the knobs that I chose.  From Hobby Lobby.  Heather had previously painted the piece cream and distressed it to show the gray underneath so I didn't have to do a thing other than put new knobs on!


See that cord snaking along the wall.  That was a problem.  Then Heather offered me this.


Small vintage stool.  With original floral fabric still intact.  Love it!  And it worked perfectly to hide my lamp cord.


I kept my mirror and hung a couple of pretties that I already owned next to it.  I feel like I could use a little more color here.  I’m just not sure yet.


Small turquoise lamp, T.J. Maxx.  Silver tray, from my “hoard.”  Other accessories gathered from various places around the house. 

Hope you’re having a wonderful week.  And I’m hoping my daughter gets to come home soon! 

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  1. Sorry to hear that Heather had to have surgery again. I hope all is ok with her. I love that little table and that stool with the original shabby and pretty.

  2. Pretty table, Denise! It does fit that area perfectly, too. I hope Heather is feeling better every day from her surgery.


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