Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Girl Can Paint That Furniture. Heather’s top pins!

Heather has been painting furniture for fourteen years.  She says thirteen.  But I reminded her that she’s been telling people that for a year.  So now it’s fourteen!  Her Pinterest board my painted things has 156 pictures.  And believe me, that is only the tip of the ice berg (so  to speak.)

It’s always interesting to see what people love on Pinterest, but it’s even more so when it’s your own art.  And YES, what my daughter does is definitely ART! 

So…..here are her top pins.  All HAND PAINTED!  No stencils!

94 14 copy

257 56

There are two views of this chest.

94 14

This is everyone’s top pick!  The two photos combined received 351 repins, and 70 likes.

250 55

With 250 repins, and 55 likes, this cute vintage side table came in second.  I think it may be a combination of the colors and the numbers?  I remember this piece well, it was a custom piece for a friend of ours.  She purchased the knobs from Anthropologie and gave Heather free rein to “just be creative.”

236 35

A highchair came in third with 236 repins and 35 likes. 

And to show you just how popular they are……

177 20

Another one!  With 177 repins and 20 likes.

174 29

This damask pattern, especially in the neutral black and cream, is beautiful.  And definitely my style.  Look closely…..it’s crackled and glazed also.  And NO….this is not stenciled.  This is her most time consuming pattern.  The last high boy she painted took five hours just to apply the pattern. This piece had 174 repins and 29 likes.

150 27

At number six with 150 pins and 27 likes……..

Yes!  It’s another high chair.  Look at the tiny little roses on the tray!  LOVE!! 

141 15

Number seven.  This cute chest with harlequin and roses.  I can’t quite see the top, but I know it has pattern.  Paisley, maybe?  141 repins and 15 likes.

140 14

Next up.  This little side table was one of our older pieces.  But don’t you just love the shape and the subtle colors? 140 repins and 14 likes.

93 9

As we get into some of her newer pins, the numbers start to go down.  This hutch came in ninth with 93 repins.

85 16

At tenth…..this CUTE custom tray!  This tray was HUGE and (of course) custom painted for a customer around Christmas time.  Some where in my archives is a picture of how we styled this tray for Christmas.  Of course, I can’t find it.  I finally gave up after twenty minutes.    We used apothecary jars filled with candy canes, ribbon candy, and such.  It was so cute and festive!

I hope you enjoyed Heather’s top 10 most popular painted pieces!  She’ll be back in action soon but at a slower pace.

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  1. Well Denise, you should be a proud mom. She is awesome! Such great patterns and use of color. I worked as a muralist and decorative artist for many years. I know how much work goes into her fabulous pieces. I need to check out more on Pinterest!

  2. Heather is so talented Denise. WOW, I LOVE these pieces!!! That tray is unbelievable! as are all of them. You must be one proud mama :))))))))

  3. Wow, what talent! A style all her own and gorgeous! Thank you for showing us!


  4. Heather does gorgeous work, Denise! I love the first side table with the numbers. It has a whimsical look about it that I love. The high chairs are all great. I've been seeing the wood ones at yard sales quite a bit. I don't think I'd tackle one myself though. Everything is so nice! I think I'll be pinning a few of these myself! : )

  5. These are my favorite kinds of things to look at while on line - She is amazing and so creative!! I also paint like this - but when on commissions, I get all "bunched up" and then I start to loose my groove - I hope she keeps on keeping on!! She is fabulous and her work is very "happy"!! Trisha - now onto her Pinterest board!!

  6. Wow - I am always so completely floored when people have that type of talent!! Awesome. These are such cool unique pieces - I would love if you had the chance to share your post at our new mega-party Work it Wednesday if you haven't already. Each link will be shown on 4 blogs! Work it Wednesday

    - Krista @ the happy housie

  7. That girl can paint that furniture!!! Amazing!! Another pin from me :)

  8. These are absolutely stunning! This is the best part of owning real wood furniture. You can decorate them or have someone (like Heather) completely transform the furniture into pieces of art.


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