Sunday, August 25, 2013

Restyling My Dining Room Cabinet. The Domino Effect.

One project leads to another.  At least when you’re trying to use what you already have to create a new vignette.  I used a good portion of my brown and cream for my dining table, leaving my dining cabinet looking rather pathetic.


Here’s what it looked like this Spring.


And on top.

Wondering how in the world I was going to fill all of the empty spaces, I dug through my kitchen cabinets and came up with a few vintage green dishes.

e altered

A vintage green glass juicer

i altered

I love this old crate.  The lettering is in green.  This was probably repurposed at one time because this side is made to use it as a riser but if you turn it upside down, the lettering on the other side is positioned so that you can use it as a planter. 

l altered

Daisies and pale green hydrangeas in my floral arrangement.

k altered 

Those salt and peppers are the ONLY jadeite that I own.  They were my Nanny’s.

c altered

Faux lemon slices and another green glass bowl.

m altereed

j altered

A couple of cook books.  I don’t have many but these two just happened to match the colors I was using.

g altered

the top changed ever so slightly

a altered

And of course, this is Miss A’s base camp!  Poor old lady.  She’s having more and more difficulty getting around.  Her world these days pretty much consists of the dining room.    She had her back nails trimmed and a good brushing before her picture today.  That silly kitty LOVES to be brushed!  She will literally roll over on her back so you can brush her belly.

As you can see, she finally decided that the bed on the floor with a down filled pillow was a pretty good deal after all! 

h altered

So I put a couple of pillows in her old chair.  I really don’t want her to try and jump up in it.  I think it hurts her.  Poor baby.

I made the front pillow but purchased the back pillow with the cute birds from Junk Exchange.  Click on their name to head straight to their Etsy shop.  They sell a range of beautiful things, including slip covers!

f altered

Still LOVING my kitschy antler sconces!

k altered2


So that’s it for my dining room cabinet.  Probably until further into fall.  I’m happy with it for now.

Miss A said to tell you all “hello. And have a wonderful week!”

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  1. Very pretty, Denise! I think you filled it nicely. I love the mix of dishes, books, and florals. That cabbage is great!

    Thanks for linking up to The Creative Home & Garden Hop! : )


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