Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Project Inspired By Pinterest!

Heather started a new project right before she had surgery.  One of those dream clients.  Design and decorate an eleven year old girl’s art room.  Mom and daughter wanted a room full of color and texture,  a room that would be all about creativity.  No television.  A room where art, creativity, and imagination would reign!   And…Mom was willing to listen to suggestions and has been a joy to work with.

When Heather shared the lay-out of the room with me and told me what she was trying to achieve, I knew I had seen the perfect design for one of the corners on Pinterest!


Do you love it?  A corner all about creativity with a wall to display all of those cute original art pieces!

Mom said she had a handy man who would be perfect for the job. 

Heather went back to the house today for the first time since surgery and saw this…..



Wow!  Did this guy hit the nail on the head or what?!  The poufs go on either side of the table along with chairs.  Heather said that although the table looks totally out of proportion in these pics. it  is actually perfect.  They decided on poufs mixed with chairs to add a little more whimsy.

The hanging chair was one of the “must haves” for daughter.  I think almost every little girl dreamt of a swinging chair at some point during her childhood.    I don’t know about lighting for this area.  I see a ceiling fan above, but it seems like I remember something about a chandelier?  So here is one corner of this soon to be DREAM room.   Both Heather and I visualize some kind of  numbered removable galvanized buckets hanging on the new wall.   For markers and such, so that they can be taken down and carried over to the table. 


See that bright colored wallpaper sample with the red back ground? I haven’t seen it yet but it is going in the bathroom that you enter from this room.  I love it already!  This will be a fun project to follow along with as things come together.  I’ll keep posting pics. as things move along!

The direct source for our inspiration photo may be found under our Pinterest board titled “kids rooms”

See ya!


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