Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Wreath!

It was fairly evident, after my family room post, that I needed something framed inside of my frame above the fireplace.


Poor giant empty frame.

So I needed something cheap (as in no cost.)

I had one of these…..


12 inch wire frames in the sewing room and lots of fabric scraps.   Black, white, cream, and grey fabric scraps.  Easy project…right?  So I set about cutting  a billion strips of fabric and tying them to the frame.  I decided to try two rows so I tied a strip to the outside two rings and then the inside two rings, working within each section.  Then I ran out of my billion strips.  After the FIRST section!  So I cut billions more.  This project took THREE nights, watching T.V. and tying knots.  But it actually turned out better than I had expected.


Cute, huh? 



If you decide to make one of these wreaths, the key seems to be texture.  I used sweater pieces, burlap, printed cottons, heavy décor fabric, even knits.   And you’ll know you’re almost finished when you’re about ready to pull your hair out!    Good thing I love it! Smile

Now, I’d say this mantel is just about ready for some Halloween décor!  

Other than tying knots….haha…..I’ve been sewing for the upcoming Junk Hippy show here in OKC. 


I made a table runner with a huge deep ruffle out of this pretty linen.


Pumpkin pillow/bag.  Maybe for a front porch bench, or the fireplace hearth?


And I’m really getting into applique!  Deer silhouette  on printed burlap.  This guy will be a pillow!   So, those are just a few of the things I’ve been working on!  If you are in the OKC area, we hope we see you Oct. 5th at Junk Hippy!  See their banner on my top left sidebar.

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  1. funny, you'll know your almost done when ready to pull your hair out LOL
    that's me I am a short time project person
    I am getting ready to make a broken china wreath ,we'll see if I get it done this year LOL


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