Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buy It, Build It, Brag Wednesday!

Have I got a fun easy project for all of you this week!  We’ve all decoupage with Mod Podgy, right?  But I have a couple of tricks to share with you today!

pumpkins header

Tips that will make your pumpkins and other Holiday projects look hand-painted!  We hadn’t intended to throw the frame in the mix, but this project was just too much fun!

So here’s what you’ll need for this project…

  1. faux pumpkins, frames, or any other object you would like to decoupage.  Paper Mache ornaments or pumpkins, etc. also work well.
  2. spray paint, white, gold, etc.
  3. mod podge and chip brush
  4. paper napkins with the print of your choosing

So here’s how we start.  Round up your project pieces.  I started with an old  styrofoam pumpkin and a white plastic pumpkin, and a thrift store frame.


My styrofoam pumpkin was orange so I painted it gold.  All of your project pieces should have a neutral finish to start.   You’ll see why in a moment.

Now to those paper napkins……most of your paper napkins are three ply.  You need to get rid of the back two pieces of paper.


As shown above.  What you will be left with is the printed layer.  It will be very thin.  Probably thinner than tissue paper.   We cut the border off of our napkins so that we would have an all over leopard look.    Our second pumpkin was decoupaged in a rose print napkin.

Now to why we painted our orange pumpkin gold.  The paper is so thin that the orange or any other color will show through, especially after the mod podge is dry.  White spray paint would work just as well, but I happened to have a can of this paint…..


…..on hand and it matched the back ground of the napkin beautifully so this is what we used.  By the way…..if you are looking for a beautiful antique gold, this is the best color we have found!


A very pretty gold.  Working in sections, brush  a generous portion of Mod Podge on your project.  Apply a piece of your napkin and GENTLY brush over the top with more Mod Podge.  The paper will be very delicate.  Just let it wrinkle and do its own “thing.”   You’ll find out fairly quickly that you have one shot at this.  There’s no moving the paper around or changing its position.  The thing is… doesn’t matter a bit!  It is going to look great no matter what you do!  Even if it tears and a little gold shows through, it will still look very “artsy” and original!

Let your pieces dry completely.


This is the coolest product and it will give your pumpkins or frame or whatever an AMAZING finish!


Glossy Wood Tone!  This product was originally intended as a floral spray.  And in fact, it’s great on any of your silk flowers that  may be too bright and need to be toned down.  But… has so many more uses!  The only thing I haven’t tried it on over the years is glass.  On plastic, or resin, or in our case, decoupage paper, it’s great!

And it’s going to take your project from “just okay” to “WOW.”


As the name implies, it will give your piece a glossy finish.  but it will also give it a glazed finish and add depth and character.

Start by spraying it on sparingly.  But you can go as dark or light as you wish.

no 8

Our rose pumpkin started out as a bright yellow and red but because we wanted a more fall or autumn look, we used a generous portion of Glossy Wood Tone. 


I deliberately sprayed the frame darker on the left side and much lighter on the right so that you could see the difference in color.   


So there you have it!  Easy projects ready to add to your autumn décor.  And I love the idea of the frame in a wreath for the front door with an initial or a greeting.

Have Fun!





  1. I LOVE these DIVA Pumpkins!! Thanks for the art/craft teaching....this seems too fun! The frame is a Unique idea also.....I have to admit, I love leopard print! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Your pumpkins are adorable!!! Looks like a fun project.
    Mary Alice

  3. This is lovely! Your pumpkin is so sophisticated LOL :) Jennifer


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