Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Turquoise Overload-Finding Fall Color

I am a turquoise, robins egg blue, duck egg blue NUT!  There, I said it!  Whew…..the first step toward recovery (not).

One or more of those colors are just about everywhere  in my home.  But the living room is really my blue blue paradise.   I have a very bad habit of only seeing blue. It was time to break the cycle!

I also wanted to begin adding in a little fall color.

So enter….Dylan Velvet.


From Lowe’s seasonal sample area.  This is the most GORGEOUS of yellows and looks great with just about everything.


I had this little vintage step ladder in our shed, just waiting for me.  I was sick and tired of looking at that UGLY fan you see behind it.  But we use the fan every day so I just needed something to kind of camouflage it.   I painted my little ladder Dylan Velvet and staged it with old vintage books and other vintage goodies.  I like it so well, it will probably be staying right where it is for a long time!



This yellow blends well with a variety of colors.


My globe


This framed print has a bit of an orange/yellow in it.


Here is the same color on a tooled leather, glazed in Van Dyke brown.  I also like the way that it looks with the colors in the botanical above. 


This shot above it probably the closest to representing its true color.

Here it is for fall with black and orange.  LOVE it!

The funny thing is, Heather called a couple of weeks ago and said “I just found the most amazing yellow color…..” yep, Dylan Velvet.  Great minds and all that stuff…..


So there you go girls, if you’re looking for that one special color to blend with your fall décor, head to your local Lowes.

Have a happy one!



  1. I think your accent choice of color is PERFECT! Looks great with the blue and orange for Fall! It seems to cast a green/ it! Thanks for the tip! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. You and I seem to LOVE the same colors Denise. These colors always make me turn my head when I see anything in them.


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