Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Power of Paint, More of my Dining Room and Kitchen

I finished the wall above my dining room settee. 


Most of the iron stone I purchased this last weekend.  I kinda swiped the shutters from Heather and repainted them.


Paint love!  I used Sherwin Williams pure white first.  The A.S. French Grey then sanded.  That’s it.  Gotta love that chalk paint!


Hubby made the board my new bull is hanging on.  I can’t take credit for this fabulous finish!  This is a Heather creation!  I LOVE it.  All chippy and crackled and all of those yummy colors showing through!  All I did was throw a little walnut stain around the edges and sanded.

All in all, this new wall arrangement was a cheap redo.  My favorite décor that I’ve added in a long time!  Kind of a combination of French and Farmhouse Chic!

On the opposite side of the dining room…..

Talk about a change!  Here’s my smaller wall a couple of years ago.


It was a bit of a shame getting rid of that harlequin wall.  That thing took me FOREVER to paint!

And here it is now……



Ironstone and transfer ware love!


Baby bull moved to the kitchen window.


We got rid of the dated track lighting and installed these lights from Lowes.  They were cheap I mean cost efficient. Smile


A new chandelier repositioned over the farm table is in the works!  Still wondering if I should paint the bottom half of the table??  Those huge chunky legs are so awesome and I think they might show up better if they were painted and “faux finished” to look all chippy and crackled.

Another before.  Moving the table also allowed me to position the gray chairs on either end of the table.

And for now…..


My dining table décor is very simple.  I’m enjoying the new neutrals and simpler look in my dining room and kitchen!

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Have a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. Your getting very greige! Love the new wall decor and I think you should paint the legs of your table for sure. Those legs are the biggest chunkiest legs I've ever seen on a farm house table. I think they'd be great in chippy paint but then what isn't great in chippy paint?

  2. Love the wall arrangement over your settee, Denise! I can imagine how you must have felt having to paint over that harlequin wall, especially since you did it yourself. Plus, I love a harlequin pattern myself. : ) Everything is looking great. I wish I could get new lighting in our kitchen.

  3. Evening Denise, Love your new changes! I do agree with you...I would paint the legs of your table, they would be beautiful white! They are UNIQUE! Blessings~~~Roxie


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