Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Found It!!

I found Spring!  It’s back today, a heavenly day with no wind (unusual for Oklahoma) beautiful sunshine and warm warm sun!  But I DID have a little help!

I searched and searched for a local Wizard that I know.  He knows all about these things and promised to cast a lovely lovely spell on the cold winter day.


He actually works very cheap!  His price……1 Lego set!  Very reasonable indeed.

Then……just to be on the safe side, I searched the woods behind our house looking for the Faerie Queen.

lady letter

She is so beautiful and glittery!  She dispatched a letter pleading with Spring to come and play!  We’re all so tired of these cold Winter days!


We’re all so HAPPY!  Enjoying the SUN!  And almost almost ready for a quick dip in the pool!  It won’t be long now!

Happy Wednesday!


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