Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jewelry As Art!!

I love jewelry!  Not expensive jewelry, just junky cheapie blingy jewelry.  The bigger and the blingier the better!  I don’t necessarily wear it often,  but I sure enjoy having  it hanging everywhere!


Like the jewelry on this form in my bedroom.  We had two of these forms and sold one.  After learning that we probably couldn’t get any more I (of course) just had to keep this one. 


I have been wearing the tattoo necklaces lately.  I really really like tattoo art!  My dear daughter found them and bought us both one.  She knows me well that girl does!

003 004

The peace sign with wings is a clip-on and I also wear it quite a bit since it can be clipped on just about anything.  I think it would be cute on pearls.  You know….the whole total opposites thing!


My little garden statue full of jewels.


Hanging here and there.

007 008 009 010 011

Draped and layered on all of my Santos.


Hung over lamp shades. 

I guess this could qualify as a cheap chic post!  I just think it’s a lot more fun to bring your costume jewelry out of the closet and use it as part of your decor.    Oh oh!  Another idea!  Sew a cute sash to go around your lamp shade and secure it in the front with a broach!  I’ve seen this done and it looks fab.  A great way to maybe spruce up a lamp shade you’re a little tired of!  How about just taking some of your bling and displaying it in a bowl or on a cute vintage silver tray! 

Are you hooked yet?  It sure makes me see costume jewelry in a whole new light now when I’m shopping!  Just what I needed…….another obsession!

Love Ya All!



  1. YES, I am hooked, but I already was! Oh yeah, I know JUST what you mean. Oh the temptations you have in your shop. I want everything in your store! I am about to be unemployed, but Sista, when I get rich (better go buy a lotto tkt)... look out!


  2. I wanted to thank you for your prayers and kind words for my brother and his family. I guess his house was shown burning down on the news last night. I love your blog and will become a follower. I hope you are safe where you are in Okey~City. The weather can be scary!

  3. Don't let me miss that bedroom! Thanks for coming by...Happy Easter!

  4. And having it hanging around makes it so much easier to find when you do want to wear it! I much prefer my junk jewelry to the real thing...needless to say, this makes Cat Daddy real happy.


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