Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I’m to the point of making spaces where there really aren’t any to accommodate all of the things that I just can’t part with from my mother’s house.


Like this clock.  What would you call this?  Adirondack style maybe?  Any way, I’ve always loved it.  It was handmade by an older gentleman here in OKC years ago.  It’s a piece of art, don’t you think?  So Hubby and I made a spot at the top of our stairs in the TV or family room for it.  There are also several other pieces, including a desk, that I still haven’t decided on, at her house.  This is a wonderful thing, having the luxury of taking my time, and deciding on things slowly and with much thought.


We discovered this 1960’s vintage faux fur jacket in the back of her closet.  I remember this jacket from my childhood.  I LOVED to wear it and play dress-up!  I guess I was a gaudy girl at an early age!

The jacket is adorning my already over-dressed mannequin.  Oh well, more is better for my girl!

Speaking of which……..if you’re dragging things home left and right trying to find places for everything, then you FOR SURE want to find something that you can’t live without at the RINK to buy!


Here she is!  Now I ask you……could you have passed this up?  I had seen these forms before, but never with the stand.  The fun thing is that you can dress her AND use her to hold photos!  She’s the complete opposite of her sister!  All dressed in neutrals like she is!  The vintage tap pants she’s wearing were my Nanny’s, the white gloves were mine, all of the vintage photos are of family, and the rest are things found here and there.




That’s a picture of my Mother.  Probably in High School?  Cute, huh?

So this mannequin was my Birthday present from my Hubby.  Or so I told him when I drug him to the Rink to buy it for me!  HA-HA!

I spent last Sunday crafting.  Sometimes just cutting up little pieces of paper can be VERY therapeutic!


Some new paper dolls.  I’m taking the new and the old and making them into a banner.  That scrapbook that I was NOT going to cut up…….yep, it bit the dust!  It worked perfectly for the banners.


Some of them still need a few things added to them. 






These are one of my favorite projects because they incorporate everything that I really like to create with.  Scrapbooking elements, vintage ephemera, digital elements that I have Photo Shopped, old lace and trims, glitter, and so on.



So…..this house is beginning to look like the Circus is in town!  One thing’s for sure…….it’s not boring!  There’s something to see everywhere you turn.  And it’s a happy place, and in the end, that’s what’s important don’t you think?  That we all have a home, however we decorate it, that makes us smile and gives us that good feeling when we come “home.”

Have a wonderful week!



  1. What treasures you are discovering and they are all so lovely with special memories attached to them. I'm enjoying seeing what you are doing with them. I love the banner you are making. Can I say 'very cool'?

  2. Denise that banner is FABULOUS! I love the paper dolls. How wonderful to be able to give some of your mom's stuff a new life. Have a great sweetie!

    My Desert Cottage

  3. From one Gaudy Girl to another...Denise I loved everything about this post..your mom was a lovely girl :) I see where you get it from..Her treasures are just that..I love your finds, creations and new manequin...WOW...but I am all about the littles lol I absolutely love your lil bebe dolls...where did you get that tiny crown? Rose :)

  4. I love all the decor! The jacket is fabulous and the banner is sooooooooo cute!


  5. I love the dress form and how you decorated it! Great idea!

  6. Denise, where do I even begin. SO many great things in this post...I think I'll start by telling you that the banner IS SO COOL!!! I love it. And that manny, awesome, and those tap pants, how neat that you have those.
    Your mom was a doll!

  7. What beautiful treasures, Love all your new decorations, Have a sweet day! x

  8. I enjoyed seeing your random things...as for the color for your bathroom , that is easy, if the room tends to be dark, go dark, it the room is full of sunshine, go light. Talk to you later.

  9. Hi Denise,
    Love your blog! What beatiful treasures and love,love your paper art! It was a beautiful post and you are so right,decorating should give us a good feeling when we come home!!
    Be back soon!

  10. Denise, thank you for your sweet comment...how lucky your bebe doll is to fit such a gorgeous lil crown :) I still smile everytime I see your new dress form, you made her ever so stylish :) Rose

  11. Love that dress form,with all those photos,stunning!!Hope this finds you well,Chrissy

  12. Your posts are always so inspiring. Love it all!

  13. You have great style and it shows from the banner you made to the fab mannequin you decorated. Sometimes a girl just needs a little creative time to be happy!!!

  14. Your home is just lovely and it's just you! xo, suzy

  15. I am always loving what you have going on!! Beautiful goods! The mannequin with old photos is the best! Tootles,Janna

  16. I just loved your post. I liked the mannequin you husband got for you for your bithday. I wish I could come across one. I just love how you tucked your family history into it. The gloves, the photos etc. What a great idea! I thought your paper doll flag banner turned out nice to. I like how you added a Halloween one to it. Your so creative. But most importantly, I love how you ended your post about how your own home should bring you a smile, no matter how we decorate it. Great post! Have a nice day!

  17. Gorgeous banner ~ love all the paper doll embellishments.

  18. Oh my gosh Denise, everything you say and show and your blog makes me feel like you are speaking directly to me! We have so much in common. (Except you are UBER talented)! I love it ALL!!



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