Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On The Road (again)

Hubby and I just got back Sunday evening from a great trip to beautiful Arkansas!  Perfect weather all weekend!  While I’m taking the time to download and sort through pictures to show you, here are a couple of new furniture pieces from Miss Heather to feast your eyes upon.  Eye candy deluxe!



WOW!  I love this new new design that she just created!  And YES, this is her own design.  She sketches original designs like this one out on paper and refines them before transferring them to a piece of furniture.  Now where could I use a piece similar to this……huummm……



Now I ask ‘ya…….does it get ANY cuter than this!!??  This design, with each drawer different, continues to be a customer favorite.

Heather rarely uses the original hardware.  She usually redrills the drawers on each piece.  I told her yesterday, if I did that the hardware would be all over the place!  I could never get it straight. 

There is also another new pattern but unfortunately, she did not get a picture of it.

See ‘ya with all new trip pics. a little later!



  1. That really is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What nice dressers. I like how they are very original.

  3. The dressers are just charming. What a talented lady. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I also do painted furniture and like to look at Heather's pieces for inspiration. I have not done a dresser like this yet but I have one in my garage waiting to be painted for my show next month. Think I will try the different pattern on every drawer thing. Maybe it will sell here too.
    (Fingers crossed).

  5. VERY COOL dresser!!
    Where in Arkansas did you go??
    My folks were just out here visiting us in Oregon....they live in Berryville, Arkansas which is up in the NW corner not too far from Eureka Springs. Hope you had a nice visit...they have had great weather this Summer/Fall.

  6. I know I can always get my color fix from you dear Denise. Makes me want to change everything I have! really! That second one with all the different colors is killer!

  7. OMG! You know how much I love Heather's work, but this paisley piece is absolutely the MOST gorgeous thing I've ever seen. It has ALL of my colors in it and the design is to die for! I would SOOOOO drive to OK to get it if I could. I am serious! I am ga ga over it. I adore it!

    Hugs to you my friend and to your girl!


  8. I love it! So pretty. I'd love to have that in my studio!

  9. OMG OMG O--M--G! The top one! Where can I GET that/????


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