Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am FINALLY finished downloading pictures of last weekends trip. 

I guess I’ve just been more in the mood to “create” than to post.  SOOOO SOORRY!  But hey, at least I took some pics. for all of you to see.

Actually, before we left, I had this creative “urge”……you know what I mean.  So I just had to give in to it this week and do something about it!

Here are the results!


I had never done anything even remotely like this before but it was fun!


Just gotta include some of my digital art in almost anything.  It IS my favorite thing to do. 


Little odds and ends inside.  I just kind of embellished and changed their looks a little.  I did NOT make the black Scottie dog.  He was a Christmas ornament.  The tiny white Scottie was a vintage button.


The side view.  I STILL have to make a tiny banner that the girls are supposed to be holding.  I had one all done and then I guess……I don’t know.  One minute it was right in front of me, and the next missing forever.  I looked everywhere.  Doesn’t that just drive you crazy?  I even went outside and looked in the garbage can.  I apparently am loosing my mind.  Oh okay, I know that’s old news!


I also finally found a vintage hanger that was small enough to hang my little vintage baby dresses on.  It’s so annoying that anything I wore as a baby is now considered vintage!


I need to find that matching bootie.  Now where did I put THAT…………



So on to our Arkansas trip.  What perfect perfect weather we had last weekend for riding.  The trees hadn’t started to turn yet but it was still beautiful. 


Lots of great riding and gorgeous scenery.


Back to Eureka Springs for the day.  If you’re there you MUST eat at this wonderful restaurant that we discovered on this trip.!


Local Flavor Cafe

Amazing food and if you sit on the patio, you can watch all the “goins on” on the street below.


Now I normally don’t take pictures of food but the presentation of this Greek Salad was too pretty to pass up!  And it TASTED even better than it look.  I have always hated beets but these were marinated in something and they were goooood!





Inside, they had this great display of vintage oriental lamps.  I think I may have found a new obsession!  Just what I needed of course!  They had done an amazing job of mixing all of them in with the cute pendant lights in different bright  colors that hung over each dining table.  Very “kitschy!” 


I can never get enough of the amazing architecture.

Of course I had HAD to return to one of my favorite shops ANYWHERE!

Cottage Caboodles.

Linda, the owner remembered me and kindly let me take pictures inside.


I thought these bird candle holders were too clever.  Just pop them on top of any bottle and you have a cute centerpiece.  I THINK (don’t hold me to it now) that they were $15.00 each.  And just think what you could do inside of the bottle!  Even a few bird egg and some twigs inside would be cute.  Or you could use it as a seasonal decoration.  WOW!  Now I’m wondering why I didn’t buy a couple of these!


Or maybe I should have purchased one of these…….


Can you believe that she had never owned a shop before this?  Her displays are awesome!



See the corner of that Eiffel Tower to the left?  That’s a blind similar to mine in the bedroom with the vintage lady.


Rusty wire baskets.  I didn’t buy one of those either!!  Urrgghh!


Vintage inspired butterfly prints.


That’s hubby’s finger pointing.  I’m sure he’s saying “how do you think we’re going to haul THAT home on a motorcycle?”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

My final purchases!



This saint. I couldn't resist the blue, chocolate brown, and red!

And this saint.



The detail on them is fantastic!  The taller one was under $50.00 and the smaller one was under $40.00!  Great prices!  Heather informed me that my house was starting to look “creepy.”  I informed HER that I didn’t care and if she didn’t be quiet, I would glue googley eyes on every Santos and statue in the house!  Like I would REALLY do that!

If you are interested in anything that you see here, Linda informed me that she would be more than happy to ship!

You can contact her HERE

Thank you Linda for your hospitality!  I’ll see you the next time I’m in town!

Have a perfect weekend everyone!



  1. What a wonderful trip you must have had. I especially enjoyed seeing your creation at the top. I'm not certain how 'new' your banner is but I love it!

  2. Denise, thank you so much for the kind words about my store. Love your pictures, too! It's always a pleasure to see you and your sweet husband -- come back soon! (And if you decide you really really need anything before then, you know I'm happy to ship)

  3. I loved that baby dress! I'm a little jealous you got to go to Eureka Springs! Love that town! Sounds like you had a really nice time. Have a great weekend! Traci

  4. Looks like you had a great trip.

    I'm very impressed by what you made in the top pics. You are very artistic!

  5. Thank you for visiting and following my Kerrie's Korner, SC site! Your site is very nice, great photos! I will visit often. Kerrie TWO HAPPY and KERRIE'S KORNER, SC

  6. Hi Girley! It looks like you had a GREAT TIME!! Now I know why my hubby wants a motorcycle, it's so I can't buy anything! I'm so glad you got your santos. I believe they are both Jesue (The Infant of Prague), but don't hold me to it. Funny, I just bought another Virgin Mary statue a few weekends ago! Great minds!

    Hugs and Love!!


  7. Hi there.
    It looks like you had a wonderful trip. It's so nice to get away sometimes.
    Have a fantastic week.

  8. Great post! Love your sweet baby dress:) We were married in Eureka Springs at Judge Roy Beans~lots of fun! and great pics...Did you see the kite shop? That place is magical and it's great for bikers too!
    Have a great week ~ Margie

  9. Your petrograph (?) is just so cute! And it looks like Cottage Caboodles is going to do a good business! And I love those lamps - of course that's my thing - thanks for sharing your stuff and your trip, looks like you had a great time!

  10. Well Denise I could write you a book on all the things I love. From that wonderful salad to those santos. The googley eye thing really got my rolling. I actually laughed out loud. It's an ongoing joke with me and hubby!from a SNL skit. I'll spare you the details.
    The work you did is wonderful.Your so creative!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad so I could come by & browse through yours! Beautiful blog! Looks like a wonderful trip! I have a very similar baby dress that was my own! I know, it is no fun to have it be considered vintage! argh.... ;-)

    Take Care!



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