Friday, November 20, 2009

Computer Problems!

Aaaahhhhh!  My computer crashed on Monday evening!  Pictues, Photo Shop, everything GONE!  We're hoping that our computer "guy" can retrieve what we need.  In the meantime, I feel like someone has cut off my right arm!  I sure miss everyone!  I hope to be back up by the first of the week.  I'll have a lot of catching up to do I know.  Have a nice weekend.


  1. isn't that just the worst thing ? Fingers crossed you get everything back - I hope you backed up regularly ! Have a stress-free weekend !

  2. Oh yuck! I'm so sorry! My hubby is scheduled to do a backup on my computer this weekend... I hope he gets the time to do it!

  3. Oh this is hard to deal with. I hope you're able to retrieve everything too.

  4. Denise you poor thing! i hope you're able to get things back...which reminds me I need to backup!
    Congrats to Heather....she's a magician with a paintbrush!!! I'm happy she got the recognition she desires!

  5. Aww Sweetie, I hate when that happens, I am not computer savy so let me ask you this...having a blog, do you still need to back up your things on it too?? I might not have alot on my blog yet...but I would sure hate to lose even that lil bit :) Hope you are able to save things! Besos, Rose

  6. Hoping and wishing that computer guy can get you up and running again with everything intact. Blessings for your weekend, :) Tammy

  7. Yuck, that is tough! I had a problem with my camera last week and lost 4000 pictures. Fortunately, thanks to blogger, I had loaded them every day and have them saved on my computer. Hope you can salvage them. Computer geeks can find things in places where we can't! Have a blessed day!

  8. Oh, that really is horrible. I think I would freak out - especially cause I have been too lazy to burn all the kids' photos onto DVD's!
    I hope you can get everything back!!

  9. Hi!
    I had the same problem this week, all my photos are gone.... :(
    Love your blog.. Hi from Norway ;)

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. If it's any encouragement, any friends of mine whose computers crashed, were able to have their photos restored by their computer techs. Hopefully, it will be the same for you! Have a good week! Patti

  11. I hope you have got your computer up and running again with everything retrieved. I worry about losing all my photos because I have no back up space left on my computer and havent downloaded them anywhere else! You don't realise how much you use your computer until you haven't got it!

  12. Hope everything works out well - that's a horrible feeling when that happens. ♥

  13. Oh no, Denise! That is awful! When it happened to me I felt lost (and maybe had withdrawal symptoms too)! :) I hope your computer gets fixed pronto! Thinking of you!



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