Saturday, November 14, 2009


If I was worried about having too much time on my hands this Holiday season, planning the party at my house Dec. 4th took care of that!  As you all know, it’s a whole lot different when you post and all you have to do is kick things out of the way for your photos! 

I’ve been wandering the City this week and finding some fun things.

Like this snowman tree topper.


How cute is that?  It has the little coil underneath to insert in the top of your tree.  The ribbon and decorations were great, but not the colors that I was doing.


So I changed them…….


I know it looks like overkill, but think top of the tree eight foot high.  I think that the size will look find once I get it on the tree.  If not, hey that’s what glue guns are for, right?

Found the top hat at Hobby Lobby 1/2 price, $12.50!

I also found this super cute snowman.


T.J. Maxx  only $10.00!


This cute apron.

Also from T.J. Maxx  $7.99!

All of these bargains are great, but they’re starting to add up.  I’ve gotta STOP!

We also moved our booth at the Rink.  AGAIN!  But it’s always for the better!  We are now right at the front and it looks better than ever!


I had every intention of selling my Anna Lee collection, but Heather about had a fit, so we’re just using it for a display.  This is the entrance to our booth.  About 10 foot high.


As you walk in.  It looks so much better than it ever has.


The back side.  Displays are a real challenge when you don’t have any walls!


Vintage linens and such.

So it’s back to decorating.  See ya next week!  Don’t forget about the blog party.  We would appreciate it if you would sign up.  I’m putting a small banner at the top to remind everyone.



  1. Denise, what great finds! I love what you did with the top hat and your booth looks wonderful, sooo many pretty things :) have a great weekend. Besos, Rose

  2. Gorgeous things - you have nothing to worry about !

  3. Adorable! I collect snowmen & your little snowman find is fabulous! Love the blog party banner you've created Denise ~ I will definitely sign up :-)

  4. Hey Denise,

    I love the top hat and your booth is just beautiful..oh, and I collect vintage linens too! :0) If it's textile or fiber and vintage then it seems it needs to live with me, me, me...LOL

    I wanted to let you know I've just published a post to promote your Blog Party. :0)

    Scatter Bliss...

  5. Great stuff! Your booth is wonderful! The top hat looks so much better with your additions. Snowmen are always cute and welcoming! I also just saw a past post about Old Town Spring TX. My family lived in Spring TX some 30 years ago. Man, how time flies. The subdivision we were in then was fairly new -- in 30 years, I am sure it has changed so much that I wouldn't remember a thing. There certainly was no Old Town then. I look forward to looking through more of your posts when time allows. Blessings to you and best wishes, :) Tammy

  6. Love the hat. I would love to find one for my tree. I am going to have to hit Hobby Lobby soon.

    God bless....

  7. So good to hear from you, I have been wondering what you have been up to and meant to come over but time gets away from me. I can not wait to see what you gals do for christmas.

  8. EEK! I love it -ALL-!! Wish I could be running around with you! OH, the top hat is killing me! It is so awesome! One of the things I miss most about Denver is Hobby Lobby! Nope, not a one in sight here!

    Carry on with the Merriment!


  9. I love all of your great finds! Adorable! And your booth looks fantastic ♥

  10. I love your tree topper and how you blinged it out! Your booth is charming too! I am so excited about the blog party!
    Sandy xox

  11. Love the hat tree topper! Great Idea! I also need the vintage cow towel at your booth~And your booth looks Great:) I finally made it out there and looked around for 2 hours! Man, what an awesome place! I will be hitting it again soon~Margie


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