Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday!

I kept seeing all of the wonderful blogs around who were participating in Vintage Christmas Monday and it looked like so much fun!  I was unsure whether or not I would be able to come up with enough “goodies” to keep everyone interested but thought I might give it a try.  To visit all of the other fabulous participants, simply click on the party button on my right side bar.


After looking around, I have more true vintage decorations than I thought.  Like this cute little sleigh and reindeer.  Although I found them recently while cleaning out a cabinet at my mother’s, I know without a doubt that they originally belonged to my Nanny.  That gold spray paint is a dead giveaway!


I added the little bottle brush tree, angel, and glittered wreath.




I think I agree with my Nanny in this case.  The little guys look very festive painted gold!   I know I know, you “neutral” girls are thinking “how could you!”   Then again, you probably don’t have a pink Christmas tree either! 


These little carolers are also a recent find.  I’m thinking that they are probably from around the 1960’s?


I’ve had this little guy for years.  Somewhere along the way he lost his lantern.  I can’t WAIT to show you what he’s sitting in!   I just purchased it Friday.  My favorite shop in OKC, Room 22, had a 1 hour 40% off sale from 8:00 to 9:00 AM Friday morning and I had been eyeing this particular item for some time.

That was the first time EVER EVER that I have been out on a black Friday, so you know that I really really wanted it.  I went shopping there and then came straight home. 

This waiting until Saturday to show you what I’ve been up to is just KILLING me!  I hope you all enjoy all of my decorating.  My party post Saturday is going to be a looong one!

I’m looking forward to my party here Friday night and the blog party Saturday!  What a fun filled weekend that will be!

Again, for anyone who is interested, it’s not too late to sign up for the blog party!  We have wonderful participants already and the more the merrier!

If for any reason I have failed to add you to the party list at the top left of my sidebar or failed to answer your e-mails let me know.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and although I think I’m caught up with everything, you never know.

Hope you ALL had a perfect Thanksgiving!



  1. What lovely vintage ornaments! I particularly like the carolers . . so reminiscent of my youth!

    I signed up for your blog party but don't see my name listed :)


  2. Happy Vintage Christmas Monday Marsha! I believe your Carolers or older, probably from the 50's! They are so sweet and just the type of thing I am always drawn too. It's all beautiful. Judi ~ Blog Party Member :)

  3. Wonder vintage things! I am a neutral girl, but I love the sleigh and reindeer painted gold. Seems so right. Thanks for deciding to join us. Happy Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan

  4. I've never heard of that store, but we hail from Norman! My girls are grown and live in the Tulsa area. Your vintage things are precious!

  5. Denise, I love your vintage Christmas decorations :) especially that sled with the dear and the lil carolers, the lil angel, the pink tree...oh who am I kidding, I loved it all :) Can't wait to see what you are working on and more of your Christmas Decor :) Besos, Rose

  6. You have some wonderful vintage Christmas items. I love the little carolers. And that little Santa....too cute!
    I'm going to check out what your blog party on the 5th is all about...I always love a good party!!

  7. Such pretty decorations. The little carolers are adorable! Looking forward to the party. Best wishes, :) Tammy

  8. Just stopping by to tell you that I have an award for you. Stop by my blog and see the details.

  9. What wonderful vintage pretties you have!!!
    Love the tree,and the carolers are too sweet. I also love the gold sleigh & reindeer... ya have to mix in some glittery gold and silver to make that stuff pop!! Can't wait to see what the lil guy is resting in!! I live in Norman so where is the shoppe in OKC?? I must know!!!
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday!

  10. How fun! I especially love your little chenille santa! Bisous... Jule Marie

  11. Hi Denise,
    That little Santa is darling...and I can't wait for you to show us what he's sitting in either. I'm so happy for you that you were able to bring these little reindeer home from your mother's, they are a treasure.

  12. I love all of these vintage items so very much! It's the only connection I have to how things might have been for my Grandparents, since I never knew them and the items also remind me of my childhood and all of our precious Christmases.

    Thanks for sharing. ♥

  13. I love all the vintage Christmas goodies you have shared. I believe the carolers are probably from the 40's, I have a tree topper that has a similar style ceramic head that was made in the early 40's and the little ceramic flowers under their books kind of help date them as well. Happy Holidays!

  14. My you do have quite a collection! But what I love most is your quote by Henry David Thoreau on your side bar. I write it quite often in my work. And it adorns my wrist as a simple silver bracelet. See you next monday! Ange

  15. Oh, the little caroler's are precious. I love the hand painted faces of the 50's and 60's. And I like the sleigh and reindeer too, in gold. My mother had a thing for this gold, rub on stuff that made it's mark on everything!!!

    Happy Holiday!! :-)


  16. Such lovely treasures! I can't wait for Saturday too!

    Sandy xox

  17. Denise, Thanks for adding me to the list. You & Karen have put me in the spirit. I wasn't going to do much but, I am getting excited. Now I will have to kick it into overdrive to stuff done. I just noticed in your post that you are in OKC. My hubby comes up that way about once a month to work. Would be a blast if I came up with him & we could meet in person. We stayed at the Grandeston B&B last year in FEB for his BDay. Ate at Cheevers. Loved it. Can't wait for the party. Charlene

  18. Brilliant blog, it's full of interesting things. Look forward to following x

  19. Hi Denise, Good've won the monthly giveaway for followers over at my blog. Can you send an email to and let me know your mailing address and I'll post a mystery parcel your way.
    ps your decorations are lovely...

  20. I don't have a pink tree but I've always wanted one. Maybe I'll paint one:)) That last little guy looks like a real oldie...he's my favorite.

  21. Hi Denise, love all your vintage Christmas things. Everything is looking like Christmas...julie

  22. Just found your blog. I think I'll take a gander around your older posts!

  23. Hi-

    Please add me to your sidebar for tomorrow's party.

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