Monday, January 4, 2010

Blog Heaven!

Well…….all of this mindless laying around has paid off in ONE way.  I’ve been having a blast cruising new (to me) blogs.  I  found one just today right here in OKC! 

Holly Doodle Designs

Holly is soooo talented, and she teaches classes at one of my fav. fav. shops.  The Paper Crown!  Sometimes I feel like a must live in a bubble or something.  How did I not know this?  So anywho…….I was excited……left her a comment……and now she may be “ascared”, as the kids used to say, that she has a stalker or something.  Hopefully her next class isn’t full yet.  I could use a little fun after the crappy week I’m having!  And it’s only Monday!!!!

Went to the Doctor today.  My usual M.D.

He said he couldn’t confirm that it was a spider bite without the cold dead body of said spider in his possession, but treatment was the same anyway.  So I’m on high doses of Bactrim antibiotics (did I spell that right?)  Which really sucks because it’s making me sick as a dog. 

Ain’t life grand?

No really……it is.  My hubby is waiting on me like a pitiful underpaid slave while I sit with my shiny new lap top visiting my bloggie friends.   He even drove me the five minutes to the Docs. office because I felt like I might hurl.  Poor guy, it’s like being saddled with your elderly mother or something around here this week. 

On the other hand…..I can’t feel too sorry for him.   I asked him last night “do I look alright?”  He replied “sure you look slightly better than dog poo.” 

Thing is, I think that was actually a compliment.  I got a look in the mirror a few minutes later.  UUuuhhhh!

Any way, in the “weird things that you never could have imagined happening to you” column this infection thing rates right at the top (or near it) on mine.   My mother used to say “it’s that Gypsy curse.”  She said it so often about different things, I swear I think she started to believe it.

So……I’m off to surf new blogs some more and search for mean Gypsies with a grudge! 

SURELY I’ll be able to take some pics. tomorrow and post something that doesn’t involve any whining!  You’re hoping, huh?



  1. You whine all you want. You have earned the right!! Sorry the meds are making you hurl though. That sucks! Enjoy your surfing and your new found waiter.

  2. LOL...You crack me up! I'm glad you went back to the doc. I hope you feel better soon! How exciting about the class...I wish I could go. I need something to PEP my inner crafty self up! I'll be back!

  3. holy moly...just catching up to speed with your posts and so sorry you have not been feeling good! i have been bit by mysterious things more than fun! at least "you look slightly better than dog poo"??!! so funny...take care!

  4. Denise amor, how you make me laugh :) We are both so lucky to be spoiled when we are sick...but I sadly am lacking when mr wonderful is sick...I tend to wanna say...Shake it off....I know I am a class a **** but he knew when he dated me that it is ALL about me :) lol no really I do my best to be caring...I really do lol You know I might have some blogs on my list that you haven't seen, I didn't know when I made it that I had to clik this lil button and it would add all the blogs that I was following....soooo I thought I lost a bunch of my favorite blogs or they stopped bloggin...I know that would happen...anyways guess what?? I now have a ton of blogs to visit again! but even better...they have more blogs and so on and so on...(btw, I am loving your blog list)I don't drink or smoke, maybe my girls are right and bloggin is my crack lol Besos & continue feeling better! Rose

  5. I hope the antibiotics kick that spider bites butt and you start to feel better soon. Maybe it was worth it to get some good blogging time in? And to discover Miss Holly Doodle too! xo, suzy

  6. Good grief, that's not fun! I'm so sorry you're experiencing this. Sometimes the meds are as bad or worse than the problem aren't they? Be sure you eat something when you take least I have to. Can the Dr give you something for the nausea?

    Sending good vibes your way my friend! I don't know of any mean gypsies. ;-)


  7. Denise, so sorry to hear about the "bug" that caught you. Look at it this way, whatever it is, that antibiotic will surely stomp it out. Hope you feel better soon! ooohhh, more snow headed this way tomorrow night. We're freezing our bums off over here. Stay warm and rest well!

  8. Ok it's only monday...there is hope for a better ending to your week :)

  9. Oh, how horrible! I hope you're feeling better soon!!

  10. My hubby had this last Mother's Day and it turned out to MRSA. Then right before July 4th he had another "bump" as we like to call them and it had the red lines running up his leg and the next thing I know, I'm getting a call from him telling me he was rushed into surgery. Then I came down with MRSA in August and thankfully knew to get to the ER and was put on Bactrim as well. Hope you're doing better!!!!

  11. At least your keepin' your sense of humor! Hopefully you'll get all the bad stuff out of the way in the new year and have smooth sailing from here on .... Judi

  12. I hope you are feeling better.
    Your hubby has a wonderful sense of humour! Gipsy trick to get read of negative stuff ( just in case your mom is right): burn a black candle for 15 min then a white one and put big salt in your pockets!
    Then go and ask your hubby to go out and dance naked around a fire ( that is no gipsy trick at all but you can have a good laugh!).

  13. Hi Denise,

    I just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling today. I hope you feel MUCH better!

  14. Look what happens when I leave my computer for a few days. I can't leave you alone for one minute! This is awful! I know exactly what you are going through. This happened to me about 4 Winters ago. My arm started aching and I had fever and chills, I woke up the next day with a rather large red, hot sore and it kept getting bigger and bigger. When I went to the doc they drew a line around it and put me on an antibiotic and told me if it got red outside that circle I was to get back there for a stronger, meaner antibiotic. Next morning it was WAY out of their little circle and I got a shot in the butt and that was that. It knocked the heck out it. I don't know what they gave me, but it worked.
    Anyway Denise, (how did I ever make this comment one of those all about me comments) please get better soon sweetie.


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