Saturday, January 16, 2010

On The Move

My design and decorating choices always seem to be on the move.  About the time I think I’ve really settled on something that will make me happy for years to come, my tastes begin to change. 

Finances make it impossible for me to change things often.

I can tell you that if it were financially possible, I would probably be guilty of changing styles constantly.

Presently, I am gravitating towards neutrals.


I adore this room.  It’s neutral but still has touches of color. 



The touches of green and pink are lovely.


Love the quirky costume hanging on the wall.


Vintage portraits like the one above the mirror fascinate me.  I wonder if I could take some of my Nanny’s old photos and have them blown up?  I need to check into that.




I have admired slipcovers of years.


Love the bed, not so sure about the background.  It’s awfully stark.  What do you think?


Not so much neutral as it is just vintage and cozy looking.  I’m wild about lamps and the glow that they cast.


For me…..there is nothing so yummy as that perfect shabby chic chipping peeling paint look.  So how come the outside of my house doesn’t look so charming with its peeling paint? :)


A cute cottage kitchen.

It’s been dreary and cloudy here today.  I’ve been making paper flowers and just wandering most of the day today.

The majority of these images are from……

1st OPTION  a fun site with lots of great images to browse.  The last photo is from Country Living




  1. Beautiful Pictures, thanks for sharing :)

  2. OH, la la...I love all of it! I adore the creamy whites of the shabby chic style of decorating...and even tried the white slipcovers...I was constantly washing...hehe I guess I'm just meant to adore it and not have it! Oh, and I love that huge mirror...

    So my runner up for the shabby has evolved to my Pink accent walls, white accent furniture and brown-ish furniture.....I have a desk in my greatroom that I'm thinking of painting the creamy white and distress it to show some pink.

    I'm always tearing out magazine pages of inspiration though...even if one thing catches my eye.

    I hope you are feeling good again and have your energy back.

    Do drop by to see my PiNk Saturday post. :0)


  3. Yummy!!! Love them all!! They are all so warm and beautiful.


  4. I love a neutral backdrop as you can add touches of color and change as you wish easily enough. Problem is, I don't have many rooms that are neutral and would have a hard tume changing everything. My style choices seem to be all over the place. Needless to say, everyone describes my place as eclectic. I love hodge podge and things that just go together without matching. Photo 2 and 3 above are my faves and that chippy shed -- love that. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings, Tammy

  5. Wonderful delicious pictures!! I think the one with the pink bedspread is a little stark as well. My fav is the first one...and that mirror is gorgeous. I want one!!

  6. I love the cottage kitchen! I know I'll never have one in real life but I think this may be a darling miniature kitchen!

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. Those rooms are so pretty. I think everyone is moving towards neutrals. We all have gotten tired of dusting our red walls and we want something clean and fresh.

  8. Beautiful images!

    I am back up and running since my old Gateway Notebook caught that nasty "Storm Worm Virus" last week and it ate my entire hard drive. I lost everything. I now have a new Dell Studio 17 laptop, new Internet Security and a huge supply of data sticks to put my work on so this never happens again. If you don't have your work backed up, please get some data sticks and do so. I would hate to have this happen to anyone.

    I am back in the saddle and catching up on Blog visits this morning!


  9. I am with you, I like one look and then these dang blogs, someone shows a new gorgeous room then I want that, then I see get the picture....

  10. How I love to change things up, but I am like you, can't quite do that too often!!! I love the neutrals and the chippy paint!!!
    Margaret B

  11. Oh, I love all these photos...I like the "stark" bedroom too,very serene! X0


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