Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Passion for Posies & A Beautiful Mess!

A sewing frenzy has begun at Bella Manor!  I only wish this really WERE a grand manor and I had ladies to help ‘cause I have a LOT to accomplish in a relatively short time for the wedding.

I have been experimenting with my posy making skills to see which ones I like the best for various projects.

wedding 010

Here’s one of my favorites so far.  I am finding out that scrim  is a wonderful wonderful fabric for projects like these.  It’s lightweight yet has just a little body to it.

wedding 011

I like this little cutie for appliqué projects that I will probably have.  This one took a few tries before I decided on the best way to make it.  Again, I used scrim.

wedding 012

These were probably my favorites.

Here’s a little layered posy.

wedding 013

Okay, so I love this one too.  They look best if you use several different fabrics.  This one has linens, tulle, and printed cottons.  Love the look that the frayed edges give the little lovelies!

This one was probably the most trouble, and my least favorite.

wedding 015

Although, now that I see this photo. I’m liking it much much better!

So what am I using these for?  Various projects for the wedding.  BUT……one of the most fun projects will be the special handmade “thing” that I will be making as a gift for the girls who will be serving food and helping us with the wedding.  I can’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil their surprises!  Lets just say that I think they will each one be very unique and personal and I hope that they love them!

Heather and I finally hit the fabric store this weekend and started picking up bits and pieces of this and that for our table decorations and projects.

wedding 001

Yummy silks, dotted swiss, printed cottons, and laces.

wedding 005

That gauzy scrim that I was showing.  It was so inexpensive that I bought yards and yards of it. 

wedding 006

Petite daisies and other florals.

wedding 008

We loved these tiny velvet posies.  And of course, you can’t beat rick rack trim!

wedding 009

I’m beginning to pull out my vintage hankies.  Also in the picture above.

So…..these fabrics will be used in small ways throughout the wedding decor.  The back drop is so dark in the barn that we decided to go a little brighter with our colors.  I had previously envisioned paler pastels.  Table cloths will (hopefully) be your basic white.  We’re still shopping around for those.  I couldn’t believe how much they wanted to just RENT them for the day!

wedding 018

I experimented with this little candle today.  I purchased that burlap strapping at Hancock's for .79cents a yard!  WOW!  What a deal.  What else can I use it for…….

I still need to make some kind of cute little tag to hang from the front.  We plan on using plenty of candles to kind of brighten the barn up a little.  The only thing is, they must be battery operated.  YIKES!  Expensive!  I’m scheming on that one too, though.  I’m thinking of buying really cheap white candles, hollowing them out some in the center, and using the less expensive battery tea lights.  I still have to sit down and figure how much that would save us.  It’s a plan though!

wedding 020

I love the way that our vintage brooches are looking with everything.  I could just leave these sitting out all of the time, they’re so happy looking!

We have completely changed the look of Heather’s dress.

Our “look” if you will is kind of vintage inspired, country boy meets city diva.  If that makes any sense.  In other words, it will be a mixture of vintage, burlap, lace, tulle, satins, and…..everyone is wearing cowboy boots.  Yep, even with their dresses. 

So here’s the new dress pattern.

wedding 019

Now this one feels RIGHT to me!  Less formal, a little flirty, more of a tea length.  I’m going to make a couple of petticoats to go underneath with tulle ruffles on the bottom that will peek out.  I think it has that vintage vibe that we’re going for but is still just dressy enough.  I’m actually looking forward to this one!  Maybe it’s because it feels more like an art project than just sewing a dress.

wedding 024

wedding 025

So what a beautiful mess my house has become.   Bright colors and pretty posies everywhere!



  1. Mercy, don't we all need help! Your things are lovely and the dress will be ever so pretty.

  2. Hi Denise,
    I love your title, "a beautiful mess," and, it is just that. I love all the posies you are making and the theme and colors are so unique and lovely.

    You have your work cut out for you that's for sure.


  3. I too love all the flowers you are making!! They are all beautiful. Love the bright colors too!! And that dress is yummy!

  4. Beautiful flowers, so perfect for Spring.


  5. Its all lovely.....The dress will be great with the petticoats! Cool idea.

  6. this is going to be a wedding for the books. I love all of the details and the personal touches. Can't wait for the big picture.

  7. I like the one with the yellow center. But they are all pretty. Have a good one. Julian

  8. those are gorgeous...
    and I just love your photos of all the supplies..lace trims...so much eye candy!

    very nice...
    i played with my crochet lace trims today...come by and have a look if you've got a minute!
    love your blog...looking for your follow button...ciao now!!!


  9. Denise amor, what a beautiful mess you have made :) I don't know which is my favorite, they are all so pretty...but I have 1 question...what is "scrim" and is that how you ask for it and....ok so 2 questions lol what kind of fabric store do you shop at that you found all those lovelies, the lil flowers and trims, cause amor, let me tell you...I have been shoppin at the wrong stores lol Besos, Rose

    ps...Thank you for your visit amor, your kind words mean alot, especially because I know you truly understand and mean what you say...that is why your such a heart!

  10. it's all soooo exciting! can't wait to see more of your wedding creations!

  11. These are all amazing. As I was reading through your post I was going 'ooh'.
    You are a very talented lady!


  12. I can't wait to see how all of this is going to come together. The dress is awesome and I love the idea of the wee petticoat being underneath!

    Happy Wednesday Sweetie!

  13. I kept hearing that one phrase from a song "what a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I'm in" over and over while reading. These are just that...beautiful!

  14. Sweet posies over at your house....never a mess!
    Love the velvet pink ones too!

  15. Gorgeous! Everything! This is gonna be one charming and oh so beautiful wedding and the bride is gonna be so pretty! Love the dress. Happy sewing, creating, crafting. Many blessings, Tammy

  16. Hey Denise,
    I just nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I hope you will pay it forward to 7 of your favorite bloggers. go to my blog for the rules.



  17. Love the posies! Are they pins? I made a shabby one last fall and wore it a few times with a denim jacket. I have a sewing blog Lilshabbychic.blogspot.com. It's been awhile since I sewed anything tho. Come visit if you like.
    I am loving all these wedding plans. Keep em coming!

  18. It's all coming together beautifully! You are soooo talented and sooooo energetic!


  19. Hi Denise, I love all your posies...how could I choose a fave, I love them all! i also love that dress pattern you have chosen. It will be darling with boots! You must be crazy busy!

  20. I love the dress pattern! It sounds like it will be perfect with the cowboy boots.

    I think I like the frayed posies the best.


  21. It looks like you're having alot of fun. All the flowers look so pretty, and that dress pattern is wonderful. Where did you find it?

  22. Denise...I think you are REALLY on the right track with the wedding ideas...these new ideas are so Heather and you...LOVE IT! Your flowers are also very clever..I like the second one the best cause it is the messiest of all!! Alana

  23. What a fun event to plan! I love the layered posies! I have seen burlap straps turned into belts.

    Sandy xox

  24. you are like me...in a period of flowers...creation of jewels...i like

    nat from chinerdslefroid

  25. So many beautiful flowers! Have a sweet day!

  26. oh my!!!! How much fun you must be having...
    I can't wait to see some finished items.
    I will stay tuned to the beautiful mess
    thanks for sharing

  27. What wonderful posies! But like children, how can you pick your favorite. They are all so uniquely beautiful. Oh, I love textiles! They make me swoon! So there was a whole lot of swooning here!
    The antidote for fextile swooning is accents that sparkle! Lots of that too!
    Wonderful post. So glad to meet you today.

  28. Oh Denise, I do not envy you all the little details that you will be dealing with!! But I know that it's the little things that will matter the most, in the end.

    I love the new dress pattern! Can't wait to see the final product!
    Hope you have a great weekend. We finally got sunshine today, the LAST day of Spring Break!


  29. How nice! These things (especially those scrim flowers) are so beautiful, I could almost faint! New to viewing your blog. Thank you so much for the inspirations!


  30. I love fabric flowers and yours are very pretty!

  31. ADORE THE DRESS!!! It is so feminine yet kinda sexy! And I like the flower with mixed fabrics best. Have a great weekend. You guys sent us the cold weather again. Darn, I thought it was spring. Charlene

  32. Love the dress!! Can't wait to see what you come up with. All the posies are bright and springy ~ love them all.

    I forgot when I posted before but the painting of the poodle is adorable! Heather is so talented...like mother, like daughter, huh?


  33. Just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying going thru your archives - Thanks for your inspiration. Have you thought about using the tall glass candles you can find at Dollar Tree for $1 each? They aren't battery candles, but you could embelish them and the glass would contain the flame - just a thought for you. Good luck with the wedding preparations! Again thanks for sharing.


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